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Our ever-changing epoch tends to reveal even the most hush-hush data including military secrets.

Recently, I have come across an interesting article published in this year's first issue of Russian newspaper “Arguments and Facts” (“AIF”). It was entitled “UFOs really do exist”.  Well, our ever-changing epoch tends to reveal even the most hush-hush data including military secrets. This will be the main subject of this article.

Terrestrial origin of the Extraterrestrial Machines

The article entitled “UFOs really do exist” informed of a new collaborative process between the Russian company “EKIP” and the American Research Navy Center to create a unique flying apparatus. The article also contained an interesting photograph of a functioning prototype.

 Well, this is great news indeed. Interestingly, but on February 6th, 1992 Head of a special Government's Committee had stated that he could demonstrate “Russian UFO”. True. A disc-like apparatus “EKIP” was able to take off and remain in the air for a while. However, back then, explanations that were given to the general public regarding the actual principle of the flying machine appeared to be quite vague. It was noted that a special “air cushion” could have indeed occurred as a result of a pair of turbo-reactive engines. However, the engines could not have allowed for an absolutely vertical take off.

Afterwards, Yeltsin offered the French to “participate in the production process of the machine.” Today, after 12 years, the Russian creation is going to the mass production. The operation is being sponsored by American government. In addition, the article also mentions a similar Chinese-Russian project.

As a result, such “UFOs of earthly origin” could in fact outshine those mysterious aliens in their unidentified flying objects. However, would it possible to assume that the entire science of ufology is nothing but a mere secretive component of the real story of flying objects? Of the ones that are currently being “created anew” by Russians and sold to Americans?

UFO above Krasnoyarsk

In December of 1989, Russian town of Krasnoyarsk was overflowing with rumors. People claimed that strange flying objects had been cruising the sky at night, while the local police unit had been observing them messing with electrical posts. Events of that night were later described in tedious details in one of the books entitled “UFO above Krasnoyarsk”. However, this was the first and the last time that such objects appeared in the region. Soon afterwards however, a considerable number of local human-mediums began establishing contacts with the cosmos and receiving messages from above. Many refused to believe their gibberish. But what other choice did they have? Everyone really did witness those flying objects patrolling the night’s sky. Where did they come from?

In 1995 I have published an article entitled in one of the Krasnoyarsk newspapers entitled “Lie of the century. UFOs are created in Pentagon”. Afterwards, several more articles and TV programs followed, all attempting to reveal the mystery behind such phenomenon. That is why it makes me happy to see that the fog around “UFOs” slowly starts to clear. I guess many will agree that genuine truth, no matter how ugly it may be, is better than a pretty lie.

A tale of an umbrella-airplane

Often, TV documentaries about the history of aviation include some fragments of old newsreels where one can clearly observe rather strange objects among numerous ancient old models of airplanes. The object resembles a typical umbrella with a motor and a pilot. This “umbrella-plane” had been tested in 1911 in the US by a scientist Chance Wood.

The umbrella-airplane from the newsreel surely looks quite funny. But do you really think that a practical American will spend his money on creating a flying apparatus for pure fun? Of course, not. The flying principle resembles that of traditional airplanes. However, back in 1911, there were no technologies allowing the use of the flying principle to the fullest extent.

 Afterwards, Chance Wood became the head of a major airplane manufacturing company. Some of his airplanes were oval. However those UFOs that appeared in the States at the end of 40s of the XX century had little in common with traditional airplanes. They resembled giant phone amplifiers. They even had a similar way of working: a thin metal membrane under the influence of a series of electrical magnets began vibrating with an ultrasound frequency. As a result, the airplane was able to take off while being supported by a columnar ring-shaped vortex caused by vibrayion.

Shocking!-this is how we like it

Someone named D.P in his electronic message to me has written the following, “What a magnificent spectacle – a conical column of bright light with a real snow storm inside and a brightly lit flying apparatus which tops the structure.” Let me explain. A UFO possesses a brightly lit vortex activator which is being ionized. Afterwards, it starts to vibrate. Moisture from the prevailing gas environment within the vortex starts to freeze. In the end it results in the creation of myriad of snowflakes and forms “a mysterious light beam. Whenever the apparatus starts to move, that columnar vortex twists and turns while snaking behind the machine (this particular “twisting of the beam of light” has caused numerous ufologists to believe in myths and legends of anti-gravitation).

My friend engineer D.P. mentioned earlier has worked at one military facility located in Kazakhstan. Nowadays, he lives abroad. That is why he informs me of all the details regarding the actual structure of those UFOs via e-mail. As you have probably already realized it, Russian military specialists did not require much time to reveal the mystery behind American UFOs and create their own.

Americans were obviously furious with such impudence from Russians. No one could possibly decipher UFO technology! So later, “Aviation Week and Space Technology” magazine has published the following, “Russians tested their electric-pulse anti-freezer without success.” Russians in turn, published a rebuttal in a magazine entitled “Modern generation technology” (#5, 1985). The article contained a detailed scheme of the device followed by additional comments.

KGB reveals the truth

In February of last year, an article appeared in one of the newspapers entitled “KGB revealed UFO mysteries.” The popular newspaper has made public the content of the so-called “Blue Folder”, which KGB of the USSR had once forwarded to Russian ufologists. However, despite the promising title, no secrets had been revealed. It simply included several facts about specific locations where such unidentified flying objects were spotted by Russian military radars.

In the end of July, First Russian TV channel aired a documentary “America’s Top Secret territory.” Its authors rather obviously hinted at the fact that such unidentified objects were produced by American secret facilities. Numerous publications regarding UFO have followed.

Nevertheless, I assume that Russian engineers who designed “EKIP” have actually introduced a truly unique technical solution where the vortex creates the main lifting power and equal distribution of powerful currents from the turbo-jet engine creates a horizontal draught, thus helping to stabilize the flight. American engines stabilize their flights by means of the same process which happens on the circumference of the apparatus (those are huge brightly lit “illuminators” surrounding the “UFO”).

No more UFOs

Basically, there no longer remains a mystery behind UFOs. Ufologists often accuse me of disregarding the unidentified phenomenon. Undoubtedly, there still remain a whole lot of mysterious and unexplained wonders around us. However, we do not consider an ordinary TV set to possess some magical qualities and represent “a magic crystal”. So why should we believe in aliens and in a rather terrestrial origin of UFOs if their technology is well-known and far from fantastic?

Pavel Poluyan, Krasnoyarsk

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov