No war threat confronts Russia

Russian specialists have already developed new models of arms

According to the forecast from the General Headquarters of the Russian Federation about the military, strategic and political situation, Russia does not have a direct threat of aggression from foreign states. According to the Chief of the General Headquarters of the Russian Armed Forces, Yuri Baluyevski, the development of the national well-being is the major goal of the Russian administration at the moment. “The government has a unique opportunity to straighten up now, if one may say so. Economic opportunities of the state allow to do it,” Itar-Tass quoted General Baluyevski as saying.

”The Russian military administration had a goal to create the weaponry and defense technologies of future generations,” Baluyevski said. Russian specialists have already developed new models of arms. The general mentioned the mobile missile complex Iskander as one of the brightest examples of such developments: “It will be the missile system of the future,” the general said. For the time being, the Russian army command is dealing with the problem of introducing new military developments in the national army.

In addition, the structure of the Russian General Headquarters was optimized at the end of 2004: the agency was relieved of administrative and bureaucratic responsibilities. The department deals with strategic goals: analyzing, forecasting and searching for new forms of activities for the Russian Armed Forces that could be used against the background of new conditions and threats.

According to Baluyevski, the armed struggle is currently experiencing a new transformation “from the classic use of armies to the selective use, which is meant to destroy the informational space and communication means of the enemy, in order to corrupt the stability of the army command.” In addition, the military force is used for settling economic matters, rather than pursuing military or political goals. “The Russian army must be prepared for conflicts of any scale. However, the prime goal of the army is to restrain a possible war,” the chief of the Russian General Headquarters said.

ORT photo: Yuri Baluyevski

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Author`s name Olga Savka