Russian submariner, 'Hostile Waters' blockbuster prototype, makes Hollywood producers pay him

American producers filled the movie with fiction

The character prototype of the Hollywood blockbuster “Hostile Waters” sued the movie-makers, claiming deliberate misinterpretation of true facts. The movie tells of the Soviet submarine K219, which sank 18 years ago. The plaintiff won the process.

The movie based on true events of 1986 was released in 1997. The Soviet submarine collided with an American nuclear submarine off the coast of Bermuda. Fire broke out on board the Russian submarine, having endangered nuclear reactors. The crew heroically fights with the Cold War legacy. The sub's crew decided whether to surface and ask the enemy for help, or jeopardize the whole US eastern coast. Reason definitely wins.

Igor Britanov was the submarine's captain. American producers consulted him during the making of the motion picture. Producers promised a good payment, but they let Britanov down. Before the premier they offered Britanov $5,000 for the right to use his image in the film. They believed the Russian man would be happy with the fee. The proud Soviet captain, however, refused to take the sop.

Hollywood star Rutger Hauer portrayed Igor Britanov's image in the film.  The former submariner liked the way Hauer played the part. However, Britanov claimed the movie was filled with fiction. Producers represented Britanov as an incompetent captain.

An American lawyer defended Igor Britanov at court. The litigation continued for several years, and the court eventually ruled to pay several tens of thousands of dollars to Britanov. After the captain won the process, others of the crew started thinking about a compensation too.

Igor Britanov was fired after the tragedy; the crew of the sunken submarine was disbanded. Igor Britanov still keeps the flag of the K219 submarine.

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Author`s name Olga Savka