NGO in Chechnya do not pursue their declared humanitarian mission

The activity of some non-government organizations in Chechnya is different from their official humanitarian mission, said representative of Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Yakovenko at the press-conference in RIA-Novosti.
Mr. Yakovenko commented the criticism of NGOs made by President Putin in his recent address to the nation, “Many NGOs operate in Chechnya. They are predominantly engaged in collecting information, not in providing real humanitarian aid, although their officially declared mission is giving humanitarian aid”.

Earlier Vladimir Putin said that some NGOs have receiving funding from Russian and foreign foundations their priority instead of protecting human rights and assisting people. In addition, some NGOs serve shady business interests.

"At the same time, NGO are not around when basic human rights are oppressed”, said President Putin. This fact does not surprises him as “NGOs cannot bite the hand giving food to them”.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova