America: The World's Worst Enemy

OPEC is unable  to restrain  the greediness of its own members. It seems that the “holders”  of the world oil market are very concerned about the forecasted reduction of prices in connection with the beginning of the military war against Iraq. It seems that the American administration  imperils the welfare and freedom of all regions of the world for the sake of its own  selfish interests.

OPEC headquarters  in Vienna published a statement that was released by its president, Rilwanu Lukman (also Nigeria’s top oil official).  Lukman met with journalists  in Qatar and delivered a speech.  The speech  was a piece of sensation. Rilwanu Lukman said that OPEC might actually allow some of its members to increase oil output quotas. The OPEC president added that it could be done only under the assumption that this action would stabilize world’s raw materials markets.

It should be reminded here that OPEC members do not really pay much attention  to such quotas now.  The countries produce and sell more oil than it is stipulated by the quotas. Analysts from international energy agencies believe that Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Iran exceed OPEC’s quotas daily by 2.2 million barrels. Surprisingly, Lukman stated that OPEC welcomed the initiative of some of its members. In his opinion, the mentioned countries were overproducing due to their wish to balance oil exchanges. He added that it did not really matter to what extent OPEC members increased the crude output. He added that the main thing was the fact that the world market was positively withstanding  the increases.

Yet, as the situation of world’s leading oil exchanges shows, the extra volume of oil is still not enough.  It is not enough to stabilize the market and  reduce the prices down to a level that would be good for developed countries, the major oil and gas consumers. OPEC ministers claimed that an increase in oil prices (higher than was virtually set by OPEC) is the price to pay for the threat of a new war against Iraq. However, it seems that this is not quite true.

The USA is currently ready to completely undermine the world economy and the political system for the sake of its goals. The consequences of the new war against Iraq will have a disastrous influence on all parts of the world. As a result, it will not occur to anyone to compete with the USA one way or the other. This will be the time for American business to “recapture” the world economy.

Every country in the world has already realized that it could become America’s work-hand. Russia is trying to become an energy partner, hoping to get a leading position in the future. The European Union is still being sulky with the United States,  but everyone realizes that  it is time to capitulate.

OPEC countries are in the hard position in this respect. It is obvious that OPEC’s days are numbered, no matter what they might do. The USA is going to be the one and only. This is,  probably, the reason why the USA and the Arab world stand against each other so much at the moment.

Arab sheikhs have nothing but oil. However,  they managed to gain control over the developed countries of the world. This monopoly is about to be crushed. Therefore,  the USA is the prime enemy  both for the Muslim world and for anyone else who does not want to be a part of the “New World Order” There is no way out for the “axis of evil,” but to get rid of the Americans, to back terrorists, and perform acts of terrorism.

There used to be the USSR in opposition to the USA. All other countries felt carefree. Some of them received financial help from the USA, while others were getting “friendship loans” from the USSR. Uncle Sam did his best to get rid of the “evil empire.” However, America did not even notice how it became the “evil empire” itself.

Dmitry Slobodanuk

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Author`s name Olga Savka