World's strongest armies: Russia second

The army of North Korea comes 23rd. France comes 5th, Germany - 9th. Egpt completes the top ten. Ukraine's army was ranked 30th, next to Sweden, 29th

Photo by: Vadim Savitsky

The countries having no access to the sea were not downgraded for the lack of the navy


NATO countries, the authors of the rating believe, have an advantage owing to their theoretical sharing of resources.

Photo by: Vadim Savitsky

The key factor in the rarting was the presence of labor force and countries with large populations. As a rule, such countries are ranked higher

Photo by: Vadim Savitsky

This year's list counts 133 countries. The first place on the list belongs to the army of the United States of America

"God created war so that Americans would learn geography," Mark Twain once said.


The army of China was ranked third. The authors of the ranking did not take account of political and military leaderships of the countries when working on the list