Most unreliable cars

Dodge Challenger. Despite the masculine design, the car is technically weak. One of its most common problems is the spontaneous shifting

Fiat Bravo. Fresh in its design, but there are 38.9 percent of chances the car will break soon after purchase

Hyundai. As many as 12 percent of these cars may have technical problems during the third year of exploitation.


Chevrolet Matiz. This car may disappoint its owner during the second year of exploitation.

Chrysler 200. The car looks amazing, but it's rather confined inside, the car has a weak suspension and flawed gearshift

Ford Edge. The reliability of the car turned out to be too low for a car of its level, although many people fell in love with this car when it was released in 2007


Alfa Romeo 147. It looks beautiful, but the beauty is jsut a cover. Driving an Alfa Romeo used to be highly prestigious. Today, the percentage of unreliability is too high - 29%

Chrysler PT Cruiser. This retro style car is beautiful, but the reliability level is disappointing - 32,6%.