The countries one should not visit in 2016

Bangladesh comes 5th this year (19.81%). In 2007, Bangladesh was ravaged by a powerful hurricane with winds up to 240km/h. Tens of thousands of houses were destroyed.

Guatemala is ranked 4th with 20.88%. In 2012, a 7.5 quake struck the country forcing the authorities declare a national state of emergency 

The UN prepared the Global Risk Report that studied the data on natural disasters and the degree of damage to make the list of the countries that appear to be most dangerous to visit in 2016. The first place belongs to the state of Vanuatu, a Pacific island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. The probability for natural disasters to occur in the region is 36.43 percent. The most dangerous regions in the world, according to the report, is Oceania, South-East Asia and Central America

Solomon Islands were ranked sixth with 18.11 percent. A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck in the Pacific Ocean in the area of the Solomon Islands. The tremor triggered giant waves that washed away nearly 20 villages. In 2015, a stronger, 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck the region. 

No. 8 on the list of most dangerous countris is taken by Cambodia (16.9 percent). In 2013, floods in Cambodia claimed the lives of 83 people and displaced not less than 800,000. In 2011, massive floods in Cambodia took 250 lives. 

The second place on hte list belongs to The Kingdom of Tonga with 28.23 percent. In early 2016, powerful storms lashed the island nation displacing hundreds. 

East Timor, a country in South-East Asia, comes tenth with 16.37 percent. For comparison, here is the probability of natural disasters to occur in other countries: Qatar (0.1 percent), Malta (0.61 percent), Barbados (1.16 percent), Saudi Arabia (1.32 percent) and Granada (1.44 percent).

The Philippines come third with 27.52 percent. tropical storms and cyclones lash this country on a regular basis. 

Республика Эль Сальвадор - на девятой позиции (16,85 процента). Среди европейских стран в числе самых безопасных числятся Исландия (1,55 процента) и Швеция (2,26 процента).

Costa Rica is 7th with 16.94%. In 2012, the country experienced a strong earthquake