The people that Russia lost in 2015

One of the most popular Soviet and Russian film directors Eldar Ryazanov died on November 30, 2015. Many of his comedies have gone down in history as classics of Soviet cinematography. Every year, on December 31, while preparing for New Year festivities, all Russians watch his immortal motion picture "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy the Steam!"

Yevgeny Menshov, a well-known and popular TV presenter died on May 19 at age 68. Menshov was best known as one of the hosts of the Russian music festival "Song of the Year"

Rimma Markova, a Soviet and Russian actress, died on January 15. In 2013, Rima Markova paid a visit to Pravda.Ru video studio. She was best known for her role in Soviet epic TV series "Eternal Call."

World-known opera singer Elena Obraztsova died on January 12 in Germany. She was 74. Obraztsova performed with most prominent opera singers in all opera theaters all over the world. She died from leukemia

Boris Nemtsov, a Russian politician, was shot dead in Moscow on February 27. The assassination of the 55-year-old opposition activist was exploited by Russia's adversaries widely

Gennady Seleznyov, Soviet and Russian politician, died on July 19. He was 68. Seleznyov used to work as editor-in-chief of the Soviet newspaper Pravda. Gennady Seleznyov also was a guest of Pravda.Ru. In his interview with us, he shared his experience of working in the Pravda.

Comedian Mikhail Svetin, born as Mikhail Goltsman, died at age 85. He was a very popular comedian of Soviet cinematography

Yevgeny Primakov, a prominent politician and statesman, an economist, died at 86. Primakov also used to work at the Pravda newspaper durign the 1960s. He had given several interviews for Pravda.Ru

Soviet and Russian actor, theater director, People's Artist of the USSR Lev Durov died on August 20. He was 83. Many of his roles will always be remembered by those Russians, who grew up in the USSR.


Arkady Arkanov, born as Arkady Steinbok, was a popular Soviet stand-up comedian and satirical writer. He was a guest at Pravda.Ru two years before his death

Valentin Rasputin, well-known Soviet and Russian writer, died one day before his 78-th anniversary, on March 14.

Zhanna Friska, born as Zhanna Kopylova, was a popular Russian pop singer. She died on June 15 at 41, having lost the battle with brain cancer.

Maya Plisetskaya, world-famous ballerina, died on May 2 in Munich, Germany. She was 89. She was admired by Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong

Yevgenya Davitashvili, better known as Juna, was a Soviet and Russian astrologist and healer. She was the chairwoman of the publica organization "International Academy of Alternative Sciences." She was widely known in the USSR as the first extrasensorial individual in the country. She died in Moscow at 66. In 1997, Juna proclaimed herself as the queen of the Assyrian people.