Crazy ideas about Christmas trees

Leading British fashion designer Gareth Pugh was invited to design a 2014 Christmas Tree Installation at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The piece, titled ‘Ceremony' is reminiscent of the evergreen traditional Christmas tree shape, and has been created from a combination of wood, fabric, acrylic and LED lighting

Standing at 26 ft tall, the tree is made almost entirely of Jack Daniel's barrels stacked atop one another in layers.

This tree is located at the Ginza Tanaka jewelry store in Tokyo. The tnrie tree and all of its decorations are made of pure gold. It took 15 craftsmen four months to fashion the tree that stands 8 feet in height and is liberally decorated with 60 heart shapes and 100 ribbons all made of pure gold

A 33-ft LEGO Christmas tree inside London's St Pancras station. The tree is made of over 600,000 Lego bricks

The tree in the Palm Room, chosen by The First Lady to highlight the US seashores for 2007, is covered with 12 different types of shells all purchased from Shell Horizons and weighs about a ton

A good idea is to build a Christmas tree out of bottles of champagne 

Beer cans can be used for a designer tree as well

This tree has all chances to become the most delicious Christmas tre in the UK

This one is nothing but 43 kilograms of pure gold worth $4 million.