Perfect burger and bicycle of the future

Erik The Red is seen aboard the CSS Acadia in Halifax, Canada during his retirement party. The tabby cat has been the 'rodent control officer' aboard the ship for more than 15 years.</p>

<p>Canny farmer Paul Rackham is set to rake in &pound;2 million by selling his huge collection of vintage tractors. The 79-year-old has spent 25 years assembling over 230 old and rare agricultural machines which are all housed in a giant grain store on his farm in Norfolk. Mr Rackham has spent hundreds of tens of pounds on travelling the world to buy the tractors which have often required total restoration. The sale is being held at Mr Rackham's farm in Roundham, near Thetford, Norfolk, on September 26. The 79-year-old has splashed out thousands of pounds on the tractors, which are all in tip-top condition and in full working order.</p>

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Sipa Asia/REX Shutterstock (5091929c) Replica Eiffel Tower Replica Eiffel Tower in Longkou, Shandong province, China</p>

An inventor has unveiled his vision for the future of cycling - this cutting edge bike that can go as fast as a car. Peter Ginzburg says his cutting edge contraption will change how people travel by allowing cyclists to ride in complete comfort and safety. The sit-down bike can be pedalled but it also boasts a 500-watt battery-powered motor to push it along at speeds of up to 30mph for 100 miles on a single charge. But unlike regular pushbikes where the rider is exposed to the elements and other road users, the GinzVelo has a fibreglass pod that pulls down over the user to protect them. Peter, a former design student, has now launched a bid to raise around $50,000 (GBP 32,000) to put the GinzVelo into production using crowdfunding website Kickstarter.</p>

<p>Princess Leia Royal Mail issues special stamps to celebrate Star Wars, Britain - 14 Sep 2015 FULL COPY: Royal Mail have announced it will publish a set of 18 Special Stamps to celebrate the Star Wars series of films and mark the release of the forthcoming episode, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The stamps, illustrated by British artist Malcolm Tween, depict nine iconic characters from the first six films and three from the forthcoming film: Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren. Incorporated onto each stamp is a secondary scene or character including new droid BB-8, illustrated by Tween especially for the stamps. In addition, the ?1ST? font used in the ?1ST? value of the stamps will replicate that of the iconic typeface used for the films. Also being issued on the 20th October will be a Miniature Sheet of six stamps featuring intricately detailed illustrations of six iconic Star Wars vehicles, brought together against a backdrop of the dreaded Death Star.</p>

 &nbsp;The 'perfect burger' Food scientist creates the 'perfect burger', Oxford, Britain - Aug 2015 The 'perfect burger' created by leading food scientist Charles Michel, chef-in-residence at Oxford University's Crossmodal Research Laboratory. He says that eating a burger is a multi-sensory experience and that its smell and feel are more important than the taste. Apparently 30 per cent of a burger's appeal lies in its smell; 25 per cent in its feel; and 15 per cent in each of how it looks and the sound made eating it. How the burger actually tastes in the mouth accounts for only the remaining 15 per cent. According to Charles the best burgers are 7cm tall, 5cm wide and boast nine layers - Warmed seeded burger bread sprayed with sesame seed oil,</p>

<p>A giant rugby ball has crashed into the wall of Cardiff Castle to mark the start of the Rugby World Cup.</p>

<p>The new Train World Museum in Brussels is a 8,000 m2 building which stands next to the stationa's historic concourse dating from 1913. It will pay tribute to the rich history of the train in Belgium: the first railway line in continental Europe was opened in 1835 between Mechelen and Brussels, the worlda's first capital city to be served by train. The internationaly well known cartoonist Francois Schuiten has devised the displays. 'We will try to bring the machinery alive at Train World and to make this place as magical as possible,' he commented. The Museum hopes to attract 100,000 visitors per year.</p>