This is dog's life

Petra the Chihuahua looked pretty sheepish - after getting stuck 25ft up a tree.The agile canine was spotted mournfully peeking through the branches in Weldon, California.Kern County Animal Services received a call and responded to the unusual scene.Maggie Kalar, Public Information Officer for KCSA, managed to snap these humourous pictures of the stricken pooch.She explains: "A Senior Animal Control Officer contacted the Kern County Fire Department to see if the agency would be able to assist with the rescue by use of a ladder. The Kern County Fire Department was able to immediately respond to assist. A ladder was deployed and a member of the KCFD climbed up the ladder and was able to rescue the dog from the tree."Animal Control Officers were able to ascertain that the dog had an owner who was on scene. Once safely on the ground, the dog was released back into the custody of the owner

Barry is no ordinary dog; this Bedlington terrier has a gift for riding a bike.&nbsp;<br />Three-year-old Barry, who lives with his owners Wayne Sowerby and his partner Kate Hayllar in Cumbria, began to play on skate boards when he was just a young pup.&nbsp;His owner Wayne, 29, explains: "One day we had a skateboard out and he started playing with it. We were just playing and we put him on the skateboard and he loved it, so we started gently pushing him on it and it just went from there."The adventurous dog soon set himself the much harder challenge of riding a trike. Wayne says that the family were outside playing with Barry one day when they spotted the trike and decided to see if he would sit on it.&nbsp;"And when we moved away he just carried on sitting there and we thought 'What's going on here?'"He doesn't cycle on the trike but he keeps his position and balance and enjoys rolling down hills and along paths.&nbsp;</p>

After being rejected by her mother this tiny two-week-old tiger cub is being raised by a whole host of adopted parents - both human and canine!The unnamed female tiger cub was rejected after being born at the Siberian Tiger Oasis in Senec, Slovakia to inexperienced mother Bublinka.The youngster was 4-year-old Bublinka's first cub and, according to keepers, she was left panicked by the experience of labour.Keeper Ludmilla comments: "The poor thing did not know what was happening to her and her tummy hurt. She was snuggling to the caregivers at first and then she gave birth".Ludmilla adds that it's not uncommon for tigers to reject their first cub but that a 2nd pregnancy for Bublinka should have a happier outcome.</p>

Maddy the terrier is barking mad for fox cub pal Hetty.The odd couple are pictured having a playful tussle over a stone at the rural Welsh property of photographer Richard Bowler. Hetty can be seen trying snatch the rock from Maddy's mouth.Five-month-old Hetty is being hand-reared by Richard at his home near Corwen.Maddy, five, is used to have a foxy pal to play with, after Richard adopted an abandoned fox called Rosie two years ago.Richard explains: "Hetty was born in captivity, I was offered the chance to hand rear her by a friend because of my experience with Rosie. This involved three hourly feeds through the night and because she will not be able to be released in the wild she has been allowed to bonded with myself, Helen and Maddy.<br /><br /><br /></p>

<p>Meet hunchback dog Quasi Modo who has just been crowned the 'ugliest' dog in the world.The 10-year-old pit bull-Dutch shepherd mix was born with spinal problems, which is the reason for her unusual look.She was abandoned at an animal shelter before being adopted by vet Virginia Sayre and her husband Mike Carroll from Loxahatchee, Florida.<br />Quasi Modo has a short, round body with long legs. Her head disappears into her neck and body as she is missing vertebrae and the remainder are fused together.&nbsp;She fought of competition from 25 other dogs to win the title of ugliest dog at the event at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma, California that 'applauds imperfection'.<br />The dogs are scored by a three-judge panel in several categories, including special or unusual attributes, personality and natural ugliness.</p>

<p>A dog has struck up an unusual friendship with an adorable stray kitten in Poland.White Swiss Shepherd Alto, who lives with his owner Barbara Gwara, has been described as a 'big goofball' who has a high 'prey drive.'Barbara said: "We've always had cats but they were a little bit too old and too grumpy to be friends with Alto.&nbsp;"As he got older, his prey drive got stronger and unfortunately he started chasing the cats around."This all changed when a little stray kitten, who has now been named Apache, showed up at their doorstep and refused to leave.In the pictures Alto looks besotted with the cute kitten and they can be seen playing and relaxing together.Barbara said: "The back-story to the pictures is that a stray kitten showed up at our doorstep and refused to leave.&nbsp;</p>

<p>A group of energetic border collies show off their agility by leaping 6ft in the air to catch frisbees in a set of extraordinary photographs.One of the black and white dogs appears to impressively catch the orange toy with its right front paw before placing it in its mouth.Meanwhile, another collie looks like it is trying to brake in the air as a white frisbee passes beneath him.The dogs determined and surprised expressions show just how much they want to catch their target.Claudio Piccoli, 44, was only 65ft away from the dogs when they jumped up to 6ft 6ins in the air and ran at full speed to catch the discs.Mr Piccoli, an engineer and freelance photographer, said: "I really like the photo of the dog using his paw."I love his initiative to use his paw to get the disc under control and bring it to his mouth for the perfect catch.</p>

<p>14 year old Benjamin Wright from Leicester has raised more than &pound;2,000 to save a puppy he met whilst on holiday in Tunisia. Ben and his family discovered Grace lying under a palm tree, vulnerable and delicate, after a local gardener had beaten her badly and killed her siblings. Whilst on holiday the family fed and stroked Grace, becoming close to the Labrador puppy. To raise the money Ben swam 1,000 metres in an hour in his local lake near Melton Mowbray. Ben told the Stamford Mercury: "Grace was in a really bad way. It was very frightening." Cats and dogs across North Africa are subjected to routine culls as authorities shoot and poison as many animals as they can see.&nbsp;</p>