Most hairy family on Earth

The documentary captures the moving story of Chuy, 38, and his relatives, who have struggled with a rare condition called congenital hypertrichosis, which causes growth of excessive facial hair.

Eva Aridjis first heard about Chuy and his family through a brief news report on TV in Mexico, but was initially unable to track them down. Then, about five years later, she decided to look for them again and found Chuy on Facebook. She contacted him and three days later they started filming. 

Jesus "Chuy" Aceves was born in 1974 in Loreto, Zacatecas. He was born with congenital hypertrichosis, as were his sister Lilia and their cousins Danny and Larry

Since nobody in their hometown wanted to rent them a home, the mayor of Loreto at the time gifted the two families two adjoining houses, where most of the family members still live.

Chuy and his cousins Larry and Danny joined the circus in Mexico when they were very young, and grew up traveling with different circuses and being presented as "freaks" to the paying public. During these years they were not allowed to leave their circus trailers during the day, as the circus owners said people wouldn't pay to see them in the circus if they could see them for free walking around the town during the day. Chuy has three daughters from three different women, and all three daughters have congenital hypertrichosis

The first person in the family to have hypertrichosis was Chuy's great grandmother, and since then 30 family members have been born with it (about half of the babies born into the family have it). Since there are only 50 recorded cases of congenital hypertrichosis in history and 30 of those cases are from Chuy's family, it is safe to say they are the hairiest family in recorded human history.