Crop circles created by English men, not aliens

A Wiltshire man and his son have revealed the process of creating crop circles. Terry, 46, and Jack, 20 Salisbury, have been creating formations for almost 20 years. They say that the design and creation method is a fulfilling process. Both men wish to remain anonymous and do not want to reveal their surnames

The formations are first created on paper before a trained team people go out into crop fields across Wiltshire. Terry said: "The design is drawn out onto paper but whilst drawing I project the technique used in the field. "I have never copied or used computers to construct my ideas as it would not be at all fulfilling or meaningful. I definitely feel as though there is some kind of channelling which is important.

Terry, Jack and their team use surveyors tape measures, markers and boards to flatten the crop. Together they spend up to 5 hours under the cover of darkness creating the formations. The father-son duo have helped design more than 20 crop circles across Wiltshire including intricate designs in Silbury Hill, Avebury and Stanton. 

Their designs range in size from 250ft to 1,600ft. "I do the physical work mostly," Terry's son Jack explains. "Some nights there is a lot of energy that doesn't feel normal. 

Usually at the end of a circle there is a definite presence that seems to entangle inside of you. It's very electric.

&nbsp;<br />Terry has always taken an interest in the unknown but only started creating crop circles himself after suffering a brain haemorrhage in 2000

He explained: "In the first few months [after the haemorrhage] a friend at the time turned up at my door and insisted on taking me out to create our 1st crop circle. That was the beginning of my journey as a circle maker."

Jack was only 5 when Terry began designing formations but didn't actively participate until he was 11.

He explained that he found the process fun but tiring: "I usually feel done by the time I've walked into the field, but once you get a couple of hours in you start to feel the adrenaline pumping."