Interesting pics from around the world

Madame Tussauds San Francisco is delighted to announce that irreverent Internet sensation Grumpy Cat will be the first ever cat to be immortalised in the attraction's history. In step with her digital celebrity, her figure will be an animatronic with five different movements. "This is truly an honour..." 'said' a distinctly unimpressed Grumpy Cat. "I hate it." Grumpy Cat shot to stardom when her photo was posted on Reddit on September 22, 2012. To dispel suspicions that the image had been Photoshopped, she posted two videos to YouTube. The videos went viral, making her the darling of meme-loving macro-makers everywhere. Grumpy Cat will be unveiled at Madame Tussauds' San Francisco location later this year in typically aloof fashion by Grumpy Cat herself. After a short stay at Madame Tussauds San Francisco, the animatronic will tour the remaining five Madame Tussauds attractions across the US

A dad of two is hoping his bike business takes off after launching these stunning electric tricycles inspired by 1930s aeroplanes. Jeremy Davies designed the incredible three-wheeled machine so he could cart his young children Eve and Sid back and forth to the beach near his home town of Poole, Dorset. But he turned so many heads with his one-of-a-kind vehicle that he decided to go into business - and the wacky trikes have been flying off the shelves since going on sale last month. However anyone wanting to get their hands on one will need deep pockets - because they come with a hefty Ј4,950 price tag. Eco-conscious engineer Jeremy wanted to find a way to get his family to the beach quickly and easily without using a car so came up with the idea of adding a box to the front of his pedal bike

Hairdresser Katherine Bartlett has been crowned Britain?s strongest woman - despite being a dress size ten. Mum-of-two Katherine, who weighs a meager 62kg, has only been involved with the sport for three years but has made herself a household name with two titles under her belt. Katherine, 31, said: 'I train five times a week for about 12 hours with a personal trainer that I have. 'I have also recently set up a strong woman group and I run that for friends and other people interested in the sport. 'I first watched Strongman on TV and I knew about the sport but it wasn?t until I went to a weightlifting gym until I got really interested. 'There I met a woman who looked amazing and she took me along to one of the classes she goes to and I managed to flip their biggest tyre'.

A company has kitted out Mumbai taxis with colourful, symbol fabrics for the interior. Taxis in India, particularly in Mumbai, are not only the most convenient form of transport but have also become an iconic piece of culture. Although a lot of attention is given to each taxi by its driver, to make a taxi stand out from his competitors, very little thought has been given to the fabric used on the seats. The designs that cover the taxi seats are often dull and forgettable. And with the design talent Mumbai has to offer, this shouldn't be the case

Eco artist Glenn Martin's creation of a plesiosaur made of 98% recycled materials has been brought to Portland in Dorset for the upcoming Jurassica Sea Monsters event. Mike has used 30 scrap sky dishes to make the beast, which took around 120 man hours to complete.

An ex-Soviet ship, which was used to spy on the UK and US in the 1970s, has been transformed into a luxurious yacht. La Sultana, a 65 metres long vessel, was originally named Aji Petri and built in 1962. The boat was originally one of 12 unique ships built for the Soviet fleet, and used for secret spying in the North Atlantic Ocean during the Cold War.

A cafe in Japan has opened its doors to offer guests a unique slippery dining experience. Customers can enjoy food and drink, whilst petting a snake of their choice at the Tokyo Snake Centre. Upon walking in to the cafe, guests chose a particular snake from a selection of 35. The staff then bring the snake over to the guest's table. The snakes have been named 'hebi-attendants' which means 'snake attendants', and the selection includes several different breeds of snake

wo participants dress as a unicorn 30th World Bog Snorkelling Championships, Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, Britain - 30 Aug 2015 World Bogsnorkelling Championships, conceived 30 years ago in a Welsh pub by landlord Gordon Green, are held every August Bank Holiday at Waen Rhydd Bog. Using unconventional swimming strokes, participants swim two lengths of a 55 metre trench cut through a peat bog wearing snorkel and flippers. The world record was broken in 2014 by 33 year old Kirsty Johnson from Lightwater, Surrey, in a time of 1 min 22.56 secs.