Some cars can swim. Some buses can too

A fisherman from China built an amphibian vehicle for himself by combining a motorbike and a boat. The unusual vehicle weighs 750 kilos and can develop the speed of 70 km/h on the ground and 4 nautical miles (2 meters a second) on the water surface

An amphibian bicycle is a good idea for inventive individuals

This is the world's first-ever amphibian bus. The AmphiCoach can take 50 passengers on board. To take a ride in this bus, one will have to go to Malta first. The bus was created by a native of Scotland, George Smith. The bus develops the speed of up to eight knots. 

Alan Gibbs has designed an all-wheel drive amphibian offroad vehicle. The 350 hp engine develops the speed of 160 km/h on the ground and up to 65 km/h on the water surface

This Lamborghini Countach was converted into a sea going vehicle by Mike Ryan

Swiss tuning company Rinspeed presents sQuba, a concept car. The eco-friendly electric underwater vehicle can submerge to the depth of up to ten meters.

A renovated World War II amphibious vehicle takes tourists on the River Thames in London

This amphibious vehicle is styled after the 2002 Convertible Camaro. The vehicle, created by Watercar, comes with an independent suspension and brakes from a C4 Corvette. On the road, it is powered by a 2.5 Liter turbocharged Subaru boxer engine with 300 horsepower that is linked to a Rancho Type I-4 speed manual gearbox