People's imagination has no limits indeed

60-year-old casket maker Paa Joe makes very unusual designer caskets shaped as cars, planes, fish, eagles and cocoa beans. Some of them are currently on display at Jack Bell Gallery in London

This is a pillow tie - a tie with an inflatable pillow inside. One can choose from 60 color options

In China, newlyweds have their own way in expressing their protest against the inaction of the Chinese government in the struggle against smog

The pizza sleeping bag is constructed by hand. The top of the sleeping bag (the sauce and cheese pattern) is hand-dyed. The bag is lined with flannel which makes it not only adorable but also warm and cozy. The dimensions are approximately 3 feet by 6 feet

It's a stuffed toy! It's a sleeping bag. It's a shark! The new Chumbuddy 2 is easier to carry and more functional as a real sleeping bag. (Designed by Kendra Phillips)

Martin Azua's Basic House is a brilliant self-inflating shelter that you can fold up and take with you - wherever the wind blows! With economic downturns, population growth, and dwindling space creating a widespread reversal of basic values, the lightweight tent-like structure provides a cozy low-impact shelter that can be set up in a snap and could be perfect for post-disaster applications

This is a pillow file - a must for any office worker

James Kingston, a 24-year-old from Hampshir, is a freeclimber. James has become the first daredevil to freeclimb Wembley Arch, completing the challenge in around two hours