F-22 Raptor jets ready to fly to Europe

Secretary of the US Air Force Deborah Lee James shared plans to deploy fifth-generation fighter aircraft F-22 Raptor in Europe.

Raptors can be deployed in Europe amid the ongoing crisis of relations with Russia.

James also advised NATO allies "to take similar measures and increase spending on military needs of their countries."

The US official is going to visit several NATO countries to conduct consultations on the subject.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has commented on the plans of States.

"The appearance of such information confirms that the US seriously aims to finally undermine key provisions of the Founding Act Russia - NATO from 1997, according to which the alliance pledged not to deploy substantial combat forces on the territory of these countries on a permanent basis," spokespeople for the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement

It goes without saying that Moscow would respond accordingly, if NATO deploys Raptors in Europe