The beauty of Nordic night

Mikko Lagerstad is a self-taught photographer, who likes to capture night and atmospheric photography

"Even if I end up with no photographs I'm satisfied with, at least I have spent time in nature and outside in the fresh air," says 32-year-old Mikko Lagerstedt 

"The weather, timing and lunar phases make it difficult to predict a good astrophotography day - that gives it a challenging twist. There is a sense of mystery every time I take a long-exposure, and you can't know how the picture will turn out. It is one of the key things that inspires me to capture night photographs."

Mikko had studied design in school but thought that it wasn't the thing for him.

"My very first inspiration toward photography came to me when I was driving on a summer's eve to my relative's cabin. After a rainy day, the sun started shining, and the fog was rising in the fields. I just had to stop and watch this beautiful moment, and then I realized that I wanted to start capturing these kinds of moments," says Mikko.


After he had saved up enough money, he bought his first camera on his graduation day.


Тридцатиоднолетний финский фотограф-любитель Микко Лагерстадт (Mikko Lagerstadt) из города Керава (Kerava), который находится в 30 километрах от Хельсинки, увлеченно снимает пейзажи дикой северной природы. Искусство фотографии включает в себя несколько основополагающих аспектов. Именно совокупность этих факторов превращает фотографию в искусство...