Traces of UFOs in the sky and on the ground

Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe has received a ton of attention, and ridicule, for posting a series of pictures he said show a UFO flying past his home in Sydney. The video is not in fact time lapse photography, it's a timed exposure, a fairly commonly technique that often results in stretched or other unusual looking lighting effects. Second, whoever took the images used a telephoto lense, which distorts the perceived distance in the image. All photos: Splash/All Over Press


Mysterious glow in the sky above Moscow on December 30, 2009. The author of this photo did not publish the picture until he consulted Russian experts, who assured him that his photo was authentic. All photos: Splash/All Over Press


Crop circles are among the most mysterious anomalies found on earth. Colin Andrews made a special documentary in 1998 about the mystery. The researcher gave a  tremendous insight into just what these incredible formations really are. All photos: Splash/All Over Press

On November 24, 2011, mysterious crop circles were found near the Indonesian village of Nogotirto. All photos: Splash/All Over Press

In late January 2011, tourists were filming the view of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, when a ball of fire appeared above the temple. The luminous ball was hovering above the temple for a few seconds and then dashed away. All photos: Splash/All Over Press

UFO above the Thames River on January 31, 2011. The object that was hovering above St. Paul's Cathedral was emanating green-blue glowing light. The UFO looks small on the photo, but it was flying higher than the altitudes of aircraft that regularly fly above London. According to eyewitnesses, the unknown object was several times the size of airbuses that were flying underneath it. The UFO could be seen for 20 minutes, before it disappeared without a trace. All photos: Splash/All Over Press

A flying disk above New Zealand

UFO above Viaduct Harbour in Auckland, New Zealand. Experts proved that the object on the photo was neighter a bird nor a plane, but a UFO indeed

All photos: Splash/All Over Press