Brad Pitt falls victim of attack from Ukrainian journalist

Ukranian TV reporter Vitaly Sedyuk punched Brad Pitt in the face during the world premiere of Disney's Maleficent in Los Angeles.

Sedyuk is known for red carpet pranks around the world. He kissed actor Will Smith in Moscow and hugged Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper around the knees earlier this year

Following the attack on Brad Pitt in LA, Sedyuk was fired from his work. He may face one month in jail

Brad Pitt was signing autographs, when Sedyuk allegedly jumped the rope and hit the actor in the face. Pitt was there with partner Angelina Jolie, who stars at "Maleficent" 

Brad Pitt was shocked with the sudden attack, but he continued talking to fans and reporters anyway

Angelina Jolie was talking to fans at a distance from Pitt

When freed, Sedyuk will not be allowed to approach Brad Pitt