SA-12 Gladiator/Giant S300V

The S-300V surface-to-air missile system is designed to provide all-weather defence for vital front- level and rear facilities, country's administrative and political centres from various air attack weapons in a severe clutter and jamming environment of the modem warfare.

The system comprises a command post, a sector scanning radar, an all-round surveillance radar, a multi-channel missile guidance radars (up to four), two types of launchers (up to 24), two types of loader-launchers (up to 24), SAMs (two or four for each launcher and loader-launcher).

All combat systems are mounted on a similar tracked chassis featuring high manoeuvrability and cross-country capability. They are also provided with stand-alone power supply systems and radio communication equipment.

Each combat vehicle is provided with navigation, survey and orientation equipment to ensure links to the joint co-ordinate system. In addition to combat vehicles, the system comprises repair, maintenance, and training facilities.