Cuba 9 USA 0

Cuba to present nine counts against Washington in Human Rights Commission

The Cuban delegation is to present nine counts of human rights abuses against the United States of America at the Human Rights Commission in Geneva, Switzerland. Washington has not succeeded in finding any friendly state to do its dirty work against Havana.

Washington's evil and cowardly foreign policy is habitually to use other nations to present motions against states it regards as enemies, such as Fidel Castro's Cuba, or else to use cajoling, bullying and blackmail as diplomatic tools.

In the case of Cuba, the CIA's many attempts to murder Fidel Castro are well documented, as was the invasion at the Bay of Pigs, an attempt to restore the Cuban Mafia to their positions of power and to keep the island as a play-pen for degenerate US officials. The temper tantrum that followed forced the more absurd side of US policy to the fore: Washington likes to go on about freedom of expression and of movement yet US citizens cannot travel freely to Cuba.

Now the USA is unable to find a lackey to present its anti-Cuba policy in the Human Rights Commission in Geneva, while Havana is to present nine counts against George Bush's United States. Cuban Foreign Minister Perez Roque has noted that Washington's theory that human rights abuses in Cuba are a great concern for the international community, have been ridiculed.

"We have numerous indications that the United States is seriously worried that its text will not be approved due to growing resistance to its threats. In its desperation, the US delegation is begging countries to abstain from voting, given that it cannot make them vote against Cuba", stated the head of Cuba's diplomacy.

Cuba is to counter the US by claiming that while there are wars, there are no conditions for the respect for human rights. The horrific medieval torture chambers at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay are reminders of the innate evil in Washington's foreign policy and of the callous disregard for human life shown by the Bush regime.

Cuba also defends that the right to food is a universal basic right. The USA has historically opposed this commitment, according to Havana.

Havana defends structural adjustments on developing nations, the right of people to a more just world order, opposition to unilateralism in violation of individual rights, such as the US blockade against the people of Cuba, respect for cultural and intellectual rights as opposed to notions of globalistic mass consumerism which suppress national distinctions and grass roots participation in decision making processes.

Finally, Cuba intends to present a request for an in-depth study of the social, geographic and gender breakdown of personnel in the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, to analyse whether or not most of the members are males from rich and powerful nations.

Finally, the ninth Cuban resolution will speak out against the use of foreign mercenaries in violation of human rights, such as for example the use of US military personnel in Columbia, to support the narco-trafficking crypto-fascist, totalitarian paramilitaries which support the regime of Uribe.

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Author`s name Olga Savka