Partial elections only in Iraq

Bush-style democracy for new U.S. colony

At least George W. Bush is consistent. After yet another election in the USA which leaves enormous question marks as to the authenticity of the process, now Washington insists on giving the go-ahead for an election process in Iraq - or rather, parts of it.

Two years on, Washington's war against Iraq has been so successful that parts of the country will not be able to vote in the country's elections on 30th January. This is the freedom and democracy, winning hearts and minds policy promised to the world two years ago, when the grateful people of Iraq were supposed to rise up and welcome Uncle Sam with open arms.

Some did. The response was to rape Iraqi women, torture Iraqi men, stick rifles in the faces of six-year-old boys, act with extreme arrogance in a land totally alien to the United States of America, so alien in fact that Washington never understood that Saddam Hussein and the Ba'ath government was the point of equilibrium.

Remove it and face anarchy, was the message printed in these pages in PRAVDA.Ru two years ago. Two years later, Washington wants to roll blindly on, steam-rollering an election which will not be representative of all the Iraqi people because some areas are so unstable that people will not be able to vote.

Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi puts on a brave face, stating that the pockets that will not take place in the election "are not large".

How wonderful. Perhaps the citizens living in these pockets will be very happy to hear this, while the protected Shia voters vote (after having been so wholly let down by Bush senior) and create a casus belli for the Sunni who never had a say. What a great way to start freedom and democracy in Iraq, allowing a portion of the population to vote while admitting that the military campaign was so successful that some areas cannot.

A look at the statistics since January 1st provides a telling insight into the situation in Iraq, wholly and totally destabilized by George Bush's illegal and criminal war: in 2005 already 117 Iraqis and 12 US military troops (as George Bush likes to call them) have lost their lives in the name of freedom and democracy, or was it shock and awe?

Let's all vote for Bush for a second term! Oh sorry, the citizens of America already have.

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Author`s name Olga Savka