Bush, volunteerism and whose profit stocking are we stuffing?

I recently read an article that Bush is calling on to do more volunteerism.  My question:  what is his motive for this request?

Under his administration, we have been losing jobs at a very nasty rate and we have a weak economic growth.  There will be no more extensions for unemployment benefits, social services are disappearing, and there is no money.

Conversely, we have enough money to continue our Viet Nam style intervention in Iraq,   none of the Senators in the US Congress are suffering by any means, and certain companies are making great profit.

Considering the two points, one naturally asks: “What’s in it for me”.  Is Bush asking me to do volunteer work so that the person who was doing that particular task can be fired and raising the financial gain of the company?   What has Bush volunteered – he is a multi-millionaire…  Has he offered to defer his salary and perks?  Have any of his other millionaire friends offered to volunteer parts of their vast empires to help a declining United States.  I think not.

Does Bush mean he wants more young people to volunteer enlistment in the Armed Forces so his daughters can stay home in the lap of luxury and not bruise their Texas sized egos?

Why should I heed the call when he and his cronyisms are making above market profit?  

Why should I heed the call when it was his financial mismanagement and policies that caused the shortages in the first place?

Yes, I can derive self satisfaction from doing volunteer work, but I also get the impression that we are being greased for a new round of jobs at minimum wage – a wage that the government admits a person can't even live on.  While prices for everything continue to rise, minimum wage has remained static for years. If minimum wage is raised, it will set off a new round of price hikes. 

Well, Bush can kiss my grits. He's done nothing to help me, he has degraded my status as an American overseas, and he is richer than hell and has no concept of being unemployed and out of money.  Lastly, my mother died this morning – it was cheaper to treat her with morphine than it was to treat her cancer before it gained a foot hold four years ago.  She was on Medicare and that program has been slashed to hell because of his budget cuts.

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov