Simon Maghakyan: Is Bush flip flopping?

Dear Editor, 
This letter is a response to Leo Ciano's "Comments" on the article "Is Bush flip flopping?". 
The reason of writing this letter - is to explain to Mr.Ciano why  Mr. Berglin has mentioned about Armenians and Native Americans in his article.

Michael Berglin writes:
"Correct me if I am wrong, but Powell is not Armenian, Native American Indian, and definitely not a German Jew" in his article titled " Is Bush flip flopping?".
Mr. Ciano thinks that Berglin has assumed that "only the Armenians and Native Americans should have helped the Jews in Germany".
Reading Mr. Ciano's "comment" on this issue, one would assume that he is ironically ignoring the genocide of Armenians and Native Americans. However, I am more than sure, that Mr. Ciano needs some information on this issue, that's why I am writing this letter.
Mr. Ciano, first of all during the genocide of the Jews,  Armenians, unfortunately, did not have an independent state so they could help the Jews in Germany. Second, Native Americans, or the survivors of the European aggression in the New World, were facing discrimination and other difficulties during World War II and did not have a state, so it is ironic to state, that Native Americans could have helped Jews in Germany.
The reason of mentioning Armenians and Native Americans in the article "Is Bush flip flopping?" is the simple fact that both Armenians and Native Americans have experienced genocide in their own homes.
As an "Independent American", Mr. Ciano, you should have known about the ethnic cleanings of Native Americans in  Americas since 15th century.
As an "Independent American", you should know something about the Armenian Genocide, because the Armenian tragedy was the proto-example for the Holocaust and other genocides. When giving the command to "send to death all persons of the Polish nation" Hitler asked, "Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?".
Mr. Ciano, Armenian Genocide started in 1915, when the Turkish government annihilated the 2/3 of the Armenians in Western Armenia, which was under the rule of Ottoman Empire.
Armenians were massacred for a simple reason - for being Christians.
The first Christian nation on Earth was destroyed....
If you need more information about the Armenian Genocide, visit or go to your local library and ask for  any book  about the Armenian Genocide.
Unfortunately, Armenians were not able to protect the Jews in Germany, Mr.Ciano.  
Simon Maghakyan
President of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society's ACC Chapter
The United States of America

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova