Leo Ciano: Is Bush flip flopping?

Dear editor,
I am from the U.S. and came across PRAVDA.Ru article by Michael Berglin entitled "Is Bush Flip Flopping?"  I would like to be vocal and comment on your "bomb throwing, no facts" style of journalism.

1. "Why does it seem that our policy doesn't apply to us? Didn't a terrorist bomb a federal building in Oklahoma?" -MB
- What the President means is that if a country knows that they are terrorist plotting terror acts and that country does not report them, then they are harboring the enemy.  The U.S. did not know Tim McVeigh or the 9/11 attackers were terrorists.  

- However Palestine knows of terrorist groups and does not hand them over to Israel or warn Israel of upcoming attacks, therefore they are a terrorist rogue nation.  Before Iraq won it's independence, Saddam gave money to "Terrorist" family.  He funneled money to Al-Queda.  He was feeding the enemy, before independence, Iraq was a rouge nation. 

- Do you think Russia should be a rouge nation for harboring and feeding terrorist? (Chechnya)

2. "Just what then does Powell know about genocide?" -mb
- So you think only the Armenians and Native Americans should have helped the Jews in Germany? 
- You think the U.S. and Europe should have not intervened during the Yugoslav civil war?   Bosnian women and children were being slaughtered by Serbian's.  10 year old girls were being raped by 30yr old Serbian's.  And you are saying that only countries who have suffered genocide should help them. 
- Can you work up some of you fantastic journalism and tell me where the Armenian delegation to Sudan is?
- So if the Russians one day started to kill, persecute, breed out, rape Chechens no American or European countries should help only Israel?

- FYI Colin Powell is Jamaican.  The British ruled Jamaica from 1665-1962.
They treated the Jamaican's the same way the British treated the South Africa natives and India natives when Great Britain ruled those countries. 

I think we both can agree on this.  I do not want my children to be held hostage in a school because of terrorist.  I don't want to suffer and live like the Israelis have to.   The reason why attacks are so few in the U.S. is because we are getting them on their land before than can get on our land.  You don't have to support the President but at least support the war
on terror and hopes that if Kerry makes the office that he too will continue with the war on terrorism. 
I rather have an aggressive war on terror abroad then to have a defensive war on terror.  It is sad that 1000 troops have died in Iraq but they volunteered their lives to serve and being a casualty of war is expected upon your oath at MPES.  At least it is not 1000 civilians who did not want to volunteer to be a casualty of war.

Please reply so at least I know that on of your readers voice is being heard.

Leo Ciano
Independent American

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova