Making sense after Beslan

Some home truths for those who like to spin lies
Care was taken not to mix political comments with news about the horrific and traumatic events of the last few days in Beslan, so as to give the victims the dignity they deserve and so as not to be accused of using the plight of some to attack others.

However, now that the cameras and journalists have left the good people of Beslan to their privacy and dignity, it is time to dissect some statements made by various foreign sources during this diabolical event.

First, the statement by some that all Moslems are the same and that this is the way they always act and that we are all victims and must stand together.

Wrong! Most Moslems have condemned this horrendous and senseless act, which was closer to the Devel than to God. There were numerous demonstrations of solidarity with the children across Chechnya, which should not be forgotten.

Second, the notion that this act was perpetrated by Chechen rebels.

Wrong. They are not rebels. They are terrorists. Anyone who commits an act of violence randomly against civilians is a terrorist and a common criminal who must be judged for grievous bodily harm or intentional murder. Period.

Also, it is not yet clear how close to the Chechen terrorist/independence movement these elements were, since it was apparently their professed ideal to send the entire region up in flames.

It is becoming more and more clear that this entire region and its leaders face two clear choices: living with certain independence inside the Russian Federation and under Moscow's wing or living with zero independence and seeing their resources pillaged by the Zionist-Fascist-Imperialist Axis of Evil forged between Washington and Tel Aviv. A difficult choice for some, but a necessary one. There is no way that these Republics would be allowed to stand as independent states without outside interference by the United States of America. Specially given their geographical and strategic importance. Read the map.

Third, the cynical comments by George W. Bush that we must all stand together against international terrorism, of which this calamitous incident was a prime example. He did not say so in as many words and he did not need to, because he and his regime have already linked Iraq to Al Qaeda.

Wrong. Those who are pathologival liars, like Bush, end up in believing the web of mistruths that they spin.

The point of equilibrium that kept bin Laden leagues away from Baghdad was Saddam Hussein. Bush may not know this but someone in his regime must know it (one hopes). International terrorism was visited on Baghdad not by Saddam
Hussein neither by Ouday Hussein nor by Qusay Hussein. It was brought to Baghdad, to Iraq and inflicted on the people of Iraq by one man and one man only: George W. Bush.

It was only after the murderous and cruel attack on the Iraqi people, which slaughtered tens of thousands of innocents in their homes, just like these Devils in Beslan did, that the international terrorists flooded into Iraq, pouring over its borders and sowing chaos. A telling comment on the vision of this limited man on the international scene.

Therefore any attempt to link Beslan with Iraq is totally and utterly wrong and a sinister and cruel, snide way of gaining political points. One sees the type of man George Bush really is. Beslan is about international terrorism, Al Qaeda is about international terrorism. Iraq is not and never has been. It is about Washingtonґs greed and thirst for geo-political domination in key areas adjacent to Russia's resources. Let nobody ever forget this, especially two months away from elections in the USA. George Bush serves to make the world a much, much more dangerous place, as his criminal recklessness has so clearly shown.

Next, a message to those leaders who go crawling around Vladimir Putin's feet at such times, sending messages of condolences while at the same time harbouring Chechen terrorists and giving them political asylum. With friends like these, who needs enemies? Extradite these terrorists so that they can stand trial within Russia, or face the accusation of being states which give a safe haven to terrorists. What is the difference between these states and the Taleban regime in Afghanistan?

Finally, to the European Union, which demanded an explanation as to why force was used in the school. Has Russia ever asked the EU for an explanation as to how it acts within its borders? Does Russia owe explanations to this sickening clique of bureaucrats who cannot even solve their own problems and cannot forge a common policy on how to fry an egg?

I will give the explanation and here it is in simple words for idiots to understand. Russia used force against a bunch of child-murderers because they started slaughtering children by exploding bombs in their faces and then shooting them in the back, after holding them for two days without giving them water and without letting them use the toilet.

Is that so difficult to understand?

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova