Our readers comment the tragedy in Beslan

In the course of the past few days we’ve been swamped by letters from our readers. Unfortunately, due to such high number of corresepondence, we were unable to publish every single one of them.
PRAVDA.RU wuold like to thank you all for your sincere coments:

Here are just some of them:

I would like to express my sincere condolences to the families, relatives, loved ones, and the Russian people who have suffered so much tragedy in the past week. What took place in Beslan was a horrifying tragedy, my grief is beyond description, and my rage against the terrorists is unconsolable. I can also assure you that in every church, and home in my country (USA) we were praying for the people held hostage in the school; especially for the children. We as a people share your grief, sorrow, and outrage at such a barbaric act. We in the west (Russia, EU, and USA) must redouble our efforts to work together to fight this scourge of terror. We must never surrnder to them, for united we stand, devided we fall. Please convey to the victims, and your countrymen, and government that many peoples and nations around the world send their deepest sympathies, and prayers.

Rick Jason

It is with utmost shock that we are seeing the coldblooded murder of innocent children as well as other people.I want to express my deeply felt sympathy with all. I also hope you catch every single one of the bastards and show them the same compasion they showed those inocent people.
Best regards,

Sirs, please accept my most sincere and profound sympathy for the people who have suffered so much at the hands of these disgusting criminals who carried out this act of bestiality. Already, as some of your comments show, the western media are working very hard to exonerate the terrorists for their criminal acts of murder, and to shift the blame onto the Russian security forces and government. This is exactly how they responded after the Sept. 11 attacks in America, the Bali bombings, the Madrid train bombing and even the bombing of Omagh in Ireland. There is a sickness at the heart of Western Liberal Media Opinion when all it's sympathies seem to be with the criminals and not with the innocent victims. I assure you and all your Russian readers that we, the ordinary people in the Western world are angry and outraged at this disgusting act and all our hearts go out to the victims of these rabid monsters.

A. Morgan

God Bless Russia and the Russian People! The Islamic Fascists that have
slaughtered innocent children will meet their just fate by the All Mighty.
What kind of human would do such a thing to children? What kind of religion
that calls itself the religion of "Peace" would to this to our most
precious in society? They are not human but subhuman and should be
exterminated like the insects that they are. We pray for the survivors and
the families of the victims of these barbaric acts. We join the Russian
people in this new War against these Islamic Terrorists, I hope we can join
together and defeat these cockroaches in their caves and holes. I hope
President Putin will teach them and all those who support them in Arab
countries a severe lesson that they will never forget and show them the
power and justice of the Russian military. We stand shoulder to shoulder
with you.


Jim Trotter

I have not tried to mention the difficulties that Russia is suffering
right now, but I can not resist commenting now. The innocents on the
two aircraft, people killed in bombings, and now school children
attending the first day of school. I remember 9-11, and now it comes to
you, my Russian friends. It is now a war between the civilized world
and the barbarians, shall we be defeated? My heart and those of many
Americans goes out to you and your country. I hope that Putin remembers
that he might have some friends here amongst the "civilized peoples".

My greatest condolences to the families in their greatest loss, for
what greater loss can there be than that of an innocent child. We have
a common foe, you and I. One that will not be satisfied until
civilization itself is destroyed. I am very, very sorry for this fact,
and your loss.

Warmest Regards,
After waking up this morning with my young daughter snuggled happily in my bed, I was met with the horrific news of the death of hundreds of people and dozens of young children in a school in Russia. While you are thousands of miles away from my corner of the world, I wanted you to know that there are mothers of children all over the world who are mourning with you. I have spent the day with a lump in my throat and images of your haunted eyes, and those of your children, in my head. I cannot begin to know what your pain is, nor offer any real comfort, except to let you know that our thoughts and hearts are with you.
I have no real understanding of the political issues surrounding the siege in Beslan, but I am truly sorry for your pain.
Corinne Reid


Dear Russians,
Words can not express my sympathy for the terrorist attacks the Chechens has inflicted on your Russian people. Because of the attack on our World Trade Center I feel other countries problems a lot more than I did before because I sat there and cried when I heard about the outcome of the hostage situation in your country.
I wish I could be more civilized and suggest that Chechen be allowed it's freedom because the loss of lives are not worth it. However, when children are endangered or killed I become bloodthirsty. I would really like to see the terrorists drawn and quartered or burned at the stake or slowly tortured for a month until dead!
I just want you to know that my family is horrified by the acts terrorism inflicted upon the people of Russia this past week. Please accept our sympathy for these tragedies.

Katharine Buchholtz

We have watched in horror as the hostage drama unfolded in Beslan. Our hearts go out to the parents, relatives and children at the school. We feel for you, as I’m sure all Australians do.
To watch and wait while your children are under threat, for 3 days, would be the cruellest thing to endure. The feeling of helplessness and frustration would be the greatest pain anyone could bear. And then to find that your child or relative did not survive, is a terrible pain.
We offer our sympathies. Is there anything we can do? Please let us know.
Jenny Mansell

My name is John and I live in Phoenix Arizona USA.

As stunned as I was when my country was hit on 911, your recent school
situation has been far more heart wrenching for me. When 911 happened here
there were really only two things that you could do, watch it or
not. Simple really only two choices. We had no input into the situation
it was just a sickening realization that it happened and there was not a
thing that any person could do really to change the outcome. So you watched
it on the TV or you did not.

Your situation with the school children was far worse, the anguish, the
torment over every decision that you had to make with every little change
in the situation. If we go in we will cause death to the children, if we
don't they will be killed. It was a situation that can cause a sane person
not be in a very short time. We did not have those agonizing decisions on
911 it was out of our control.

I have been so moved with all the pictures of your commandos, under a
stress that is unmeasurable they performed the mission that was
required. I hold my hat over my heart for their performance under a
situation that should never be a part of any persons life no matter where
they were born.

It did my heart good to hear that some of the local citizens did bodily
harm to the some of the escaping muslim extremist bastards that did these
things. It is hard to find out in the news of this country that the
inhuman crap that did these things to your children were even muslim at all.

I also understand that there were three of these subhuman specimens that
are now in the custody of the Russian government. I can only hope and pray
that you make their stay in your country a very memorable experience. A
very slow and memorable experience. Perhaps some of the commando's that
had such a worn look on their face would like to spend a minute or two with
them. Perhaps a father that lost a son or daughter would like to get to
know them better. Perhaps a mother that is no longer one would like to
cook them breakfast so to speak. In my life I have caused no harm to
another person. If you need my help to welcome these three captured sick
bastards to your country I will buy my own airfare.

WE are at war with a very sick faction of this religion called muslim. My
"spell checker" wants me to put a capital M on the word muslim, I will not
do so. From what I have seen they do not deserve it. WE have not heard a
word from the general population of muslims condemning these events.

So I shoot these thoughts into the void and hope for the best. I request
of Pravda that they put their top translator on this because I want the
Russian people to hear the thoughts of this American that only a few
decades ago would of been impossible. I want my anger and my arms to reach
across the entire nation.

John Schaaf

I cannot believe those terrorrists did this to innocent children. My heart is broken. I am just an ordinary American woman, and these were just ordinary men, women, and children, that they murdered. I wish I could do something to help. Please tell the people of Beslan that our hearts and prayers are with them.
Ms Bobbi Kemp

Just a few words from an American. What little reporting the American press has provided us with about the terrible tragedy in Beslan has been so confused and irrational that I sought out your views this evening, and I share them.
The reporting here has been extremely biased, for reasons which escape me. Calling these monsters "rebels" is an outrage. I'll be the first to admit that I don't fully understand the issues regarding Chechnya, but there is NO justification for their killing your children in order to express their political opinions.
My prayers go out to these precious children, their families, and all the good people of Russia. The vast majority of Americans, like myself, bear you no hostility. The events of the past were a gigantic misunderstanding.
I wish that I knew the words that would comfort your grieving people, but I just don't. But we share your grief, we're crying with you. Stand tall my friends, you have so much to be proud of. This terrible pain will pass. Take comfort in knowing that your children are sitting on the lap of God.
With love to you all,

David McCracken

Dear Editor,
There is an "excusenik" attitude by the western press which gives terrorists an improper forum for their mass murder.
It is time President Putin, along with President Bush and all international leaders to challenge the free media to take a more serious look into the terrorists committing these crimes and to stop printing the propaganda by these sick groups.
My heart goes out to all of the Russian people during this time of crisis.
All Americans join me in our deep sorrow for the families that have suffered in the nightmare.
Like World War II, it took the allies a few years to put together a strong front to defeat the thugs of the world. We are just starting to realize the importance of joining together to defeat these gangsters who run under the cover of political correctness.
Together, we will destroy these terrorists worldwide.

Bob Kholos

Citizens of Russia,
The time for indecision and procastination must now come to an end. Your country is at total war with an enemy that seeks to destroy what millions of your citizens have sacrficed in the past to secure and defend your homeland.
Everything must be mobolized to restore the strength and pride of your armed forces to defeat this poison from the Middle East.
Everything for the front and everything for victory. God save Russia and give her the strength to eliminate this parasitic vermin from the face of this earth.
Serge Cherewan

To the people of Russia:
In the US we have heard about the recent events in Russia and we are appauled at the barbarism of the Terrorist who have taken over the school in southern Russia. The hearts and minds of the American people are with you right now and as our great president has stated, the united states stands with the Russian people right now in this great struggle against Terrorism.
The United States understands your sorrow and pain and we hope that the violence against your people will end. We also would like to say to all of you remember that it is always darkest before the dawn. We know that times are tough, your sorrow and pain is great and it is hard to find something hopeful during a time like this, but you have to stand up even when things are the darkest and walk forward when you have not strength. If you do this tomorrow will be a brighter day and each day after that will get a little better. You have to remember those who have fallen, and use their hope and memory to give you the strength to forge on. Your losses will never go away and the pain will always be their, but when you act in the honor of those precious soles that have fallen, then their memory and the pain you feel will no longer weaken you but make you strong.
The people of the United States of America stands with you and will always stand with you against any tyranny and evil that you face. We are your friends. We may disagree about other international issues, but remember that we are now a friend to the Russian people.

John R. Manning

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