Catine E. Perkins: The infinite levels of HOLY WARS

"There are though, bastardized versions of the Koran/Quran, which advocate killing, etc. These are NOT the writings of Mohammed. 
The Islamic Terrorists are not Moslems.  They are psycho bred wacho's who choose to misrepersent the Islamic faith - we cannot judge the Roman Catholic Church by the actions of Hitler, can we?  But Hitler, Germany, and Austria were strong Roman Catholics.  Hitler even talked about killing Jews for God, etc.
We need to separate wachos from true religious people".
Michael Berglin

Dear Michael Berglin:
Your statements are a good beginnings for discussions about HOLY WARS, but my impression is that you, as a Russian of Jewish Culture would have a natural affinity for Moslems! Or better still, can we not look upon the war with Israel and Palestine, as a "brother against brother" war that MANY Christians have no conept nor understanding. Beyond painting
this area with a broad brush, then consider your personal experiences; moving about with people with a cosmopolite affinity, gives one a different level. Plus the fact you feel no oppression, as the Russians of Jewish Culture did in the olden days, in the Pale, who did not become Christian Orthodox. That plays a part in your outlook.

Basically, it is that constrant struggle of the oppressed that feel that boot of the majority, on their throats, be it culture or religion.

What you are saying in a subliminal sense that ALL IDEOLOGIES are relative to each other, thus, the only absolute is the debauchery that humanity inflict upon one another. Right?

We all have genetic memories that we must sort out from the past and this is a struggle within oneself.

Also, the religions of China and India seem more for living, of which, has this level in Judiasm....vs Christianity and Moslem, who seem to believe it is after death that the rewards come to humanity.

But these are mere impressions and worthy of some thought.

Since I cut my teeth on Marco Polo's adventures to "CATHY" and the wonders of Ancient China, we cannot disregard the genetic memory of the Moslems in their struggle of keeping the Spice Trade.

Nor can we ignore their Ancient Culture, which housed one of the "Ten Wonders of the World" which was in the area of present day Iraq. So again, barbarians came and destroyed the irrigation system of these florishing peoples, again, a destruction of a great civilization.

Certainly, the Christian Crusades enter into the aspect, very much so, along with "setting off" explorers like Christopher Columbus, Megellan, Cabot and many others in seach of a route to the riches, of the SPICE TRADE. So the Christian Crusades marched to wrest the "Holy Sepulchre" from the Turk Infidels, sprung Venice into being Europe's spice trading center. Was this seemingly "wrapped in virtue?"

Imagine this, Venetian galley's carried to Holly Land...Kinights and other Christiandom... thus the rich rewards were repeated and repeated by these Holy Venetians. Thus, spring Merchant Princes, along with architectual glories.....all of Europe envied and paid Venice tribute for her spices that she brought from traders, in Constantinople and Alexandra.

Remember in all of this, Moslems had control of these riches long before Christ appeared on the scene. The Paths of the Crusaders, along with Marco Pole, brought tales of tantalizing Oriental splendors! Remember with these precious spices, there were silks, jades, so many treasures, along with drugs.

Also keep in mind, the Moslems had a firm grip on the overland caravan artocities thus the Crusaders were forbidden to travel on these paths of riches.

So the caravels were pushed onward and, interesting enough, the area in the Red Sea was still, so dangerous, thus many were killed. The same spot where today's seamen were blasted away, in this dangerously controlled area, with all of the modern magical electronics! HUMMM!

As I surface this exciting time frame, I cannot help but think that everything changes and nothing changes, except the descriptive adjectives.

The Moslems welcomed the Dutch and they sought alliances against the Portugese, they so dispised. But then the Dutch,when in control, began their  cruel crusades, seemingly cruele  than the Portugese.  

Thus, at the end of the 17th Century, Holland's greed had
the upper hand to replace Portugal and the profits soared, along with the debaucheries, far graver than the Portugese.

There England (The Dutch and English tensions still felt, in the Hudson River area of the USA if attuned to cultural tensions) began exporting spices from India, in middle of the 1700's. England was poverity ridden in this time frame but the control of the HIGH SEAS was beginning to evolve.

England blocked the Dutch Indian Ports, ruined the Dutch East India Company and in the 19th Century, London was the spice trading center of the universe.

One does have to chuckle, when hearing the Brit's aspect of civilizing Ancient India, right?

So yes, one can be magnanimous with other people's religions, if we understand that ONE God serves us all. But Holy Wars are deeper than simply "how one prays to their God" because the politics of religion play a grave part, in all of this and can be far crueler than say secular governments....or they have
influence on the secular aspect of government, even in the USA.

Oppressed peoples, where ever they may be, especially, young males with no place to use their vast energy in feeding their families and being useful, is a problem.  As it was in Russia (probably still is on many levels) and the Soviets, merely exchanged  one form of injustice for another.

And now let us cyber space or jet, quickly, to our Los Angles riots of our Blacks a few decades back and impose their situation on the unemployed Saudies (who apparently used 9/11 as an example of outrage) so who is responsible?

The Royals, perhaps, liken to the Eve of the Revolution in Czarist Russia (and remember the Jewish Culture there, are still blamed by many Americans also,but again, those who do not pay heed to history) thus in the light of this aspect, does not a so called Domocracy agenda pay heed to these wide gaps of "have and have not's" or is this ignored..."century up century"..."decade upon decade"....thus the murders and killing go amuck among humanity.

As a woman, (who by the way gleamed, as much history, in this area from cookbooks) cannot forget the indifference to children, even in our so called "Great Western Civilization", since the Crusaders had a CHILDREN's CRUSADE!  The merchants "in this Holy of all Holy Places" sold a known leaky ship, to a mass of marching children. A short way out of the harbor, it sunk.

So I must ask Pravda, who is attempting at a communication across the pond, if humanity has changed except for technology?

Also now, as a grandmother, with grandbabies, I am finally learning that men do not make changes, it is the women who ban together. I wonder why they cannot stop these horrible injust wars, since men still admire Alexander the Great. I speak not of females who ape men but women, who raise families and do not believe in such grave suffering that
people, all over our universe are feeling, with so many unjust deaths.

I beg of PRAVDA, not to use tactics in these dire times, as did some of our newspapers in Soviet Times, on "dumping" on already hurting peoples. Government's hardly care less in these areas "of win at any cost" thus people....the people...must do so and CARE!

Please excuse the top of my head writing but after the Soviet/Russians opened their files thus studies were made, I have read that scholars concluded that Russian History was not better nor worse than rest of the so called Great Western Civilizations. Perhaps, this is my feeble attempt to bring this out, thus hoping to quell the gloating from whomever.

So if one looks at today's HOLY WARS, we cannot discount oil, gas and natural resources, for survival, as was the Spice Trade.
If you will bare with me, without a training in this area "academically" but seeing this through literary and historical lens, since killing humanity, especially, innocent people and even young in the military (which ever nation) is a debauchery.

Catine E. Perkins
Bastrop, Texas

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova