D Slavovich Ratz: Russians consider the US policy hostile, and the elections outcome does not matter

The current policy of giving asylum to a high ranked terrorist Ilyas Akhmadov in the United States leaves little doubt to the main contributing factor in the recent terrorist plane crashes in Russia.  American citizens enjoy many freedoms and terrorist  enjoying these safe benefits can only increase Ichkeria Terrorist Organization funding capabilities., especially when even Americans know Ilyas Akhmadov was comparable to "foreign minister' in Ichkeria. 

We can also name the psychological motivations that inspired countless terrorists in Russia when Ilyas Akhmadov was given asylum in the United States in the first week of this month.  The announcement of the asylum followed bombings of American and Israeli embassies, that happened days prior in Uzbekistan.  So it is unclear if Americans sought to caught a deal with the terrorists operating in Russia, or are just trying to destroy Russia through giving one of them free reign.

What is clear is that both the Republicans are Democrats have little value for Slav lives.  Ask the Serbs, or families of those who's loved one's succumb to a burning death on that place that sent out a hijacking alert before disappearing from the radar screen.  Neither party enjoys much public support at home, and even you yourselves published "Almost 50 percent of Americans don't vote, why?", so this is no revelation.  Also millions of Russians are US citizens (very roughly 9,000,000).  Even if that will not win an entire election on it's own, it would cost one of the two parties a defeating loss, and hence leave one of the ruling parties either the elephant or the donkey vulnerable to the other party of power and it's choice now urgently needing to address the Russians' concerns or face eminent defeat at the polls.

Most Russians seem to be republican leaning here, and Bush's failure to address their concerns (ABM Treaty, asylum (IIyas Akhmadov), harboring Latvia & Estonia (NATO), denied WTO memberships, document still in force regarding no Jewish travel from Russia, military involvement in Georgia, Russian workers unable to continue working in Iraq, slaughter of Serbs with NATO standing by, and drugs flourishing in Afghanistan unhindered are just some), others include failure to address the trafficking of women that are forced into prostitution, and
range of other issues but clearly together they have isolated the Republican leaning Russian US citizens from Bush.  In all probability this will cost Bush his reselection.  The polls prior to November election that we are seeing, well Presidents who had them in simple terms LOST.  I think it would be a journalistic failure on your part to say "the elections outcome does not matter". 

Countries (USA for one) fund political parties in foreign countries, the least you can do is MENTION the third parties in US, among whom Libertarian Party that is uniting around presidential candidate Michael Badnarik wants a friendly co-existence with Russia.

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova