Charles Fargo: Was Iraq really a threat?

Looking back into the near past, Iran and Iraq were involved in a 7-year war.  An event as such in the most part cost both countries a rather sizeable amount of money.  
According to the statements of our current president, it cost the US $87 billion just to invade Iraq and stay a minute or two.

After the war with Iran, Iraq got invloved in invading  Kiwait since it was a part of Iraq at one time.  Saddam was attempting to re-annex the separated territory.  Again Iraq had to spend a large amount of money, in this attempt.

After the Kiawat invasion was over, the Clinton Administration for eight long years, continued to harass Iraq with air strikes.  IN WHICH  were not, or hardly publishized.  To include Iraq was beaten down during the Clinton years with economic sactions.   Thus over along period of time Iraq faced economic depression, which also was fueled by mismanagement of the presiding Iraq government.

To include  Russia  in humanitarian efforts  gave Iraq food  and  medical supplies that were badly needed in that country because of the hardships that were caused and already mentioned in this article.

To continue, the United States has had military forces in Iraq for almost a year and a half.  Question!!!  Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?  

Supposedly in possesion in that country.  Question!!!  Where is the documentation proving Iraq was a threat to the United States?

One truth from 1982 is that the Iraqi nuclear reactor was bombed and destroyed.  Israel had that present to take care of.

If one wishes to seek the real thruth. one must be willing to search history instead of being narrow-minded and looking for  what they want to see or hear.

Charles Fargo

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova