Catine E. Perkins: Miss England

Once upon a time, there were strict rules in many areas of the Military Code towards sexuality and the traps involved in the USA.
With impressionistic lens, also crusing the time frames thus putting these areas into prospective, I find Mr. Wallis little archaic. It could not be Miss England but Ms. England, who was apeing her male counterparts.

Do we become what we are taught to hate is my question to Russians and Americans in the name of human equality?
I am not an expert nor an academic in Russian/American Relationships except, upon opening my genetic memory in this area (which took some doing for seeming it was covered with a steely entrapment in my brain) I acquired quite an extensive and varied library in almost an obsessive action, to learn about a country, without bias or propaganda.

Having said that, there is (again) an impression that emerges that I gleemed from a book called "Kremlin Wives!" Seemingly most came from descendents of half-starved peasants, serfs or locked into subculture positions (except Raisa Gorbachev) thus they evolved apeing their male counterparts. Eventually, some gave up their boots and guns, right? Probably, realization came that they were more powerful in the subjunction postions or an attempt of being women, so to say.

Reporting on other nation's military and their flaws is ongoing be it whatever country and, especially, the powerful ones. But for any nation to have their females in combat postions, unless, the country is being invaded, is for naught. Ms. English is a classical example of this so called equality.

But I must ask? Do we become what many Americans were taught to hate?

Is Ms English's actions a page from Alexander Solzhenityn's writings? These inhuman acts of debauchery, but yet, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE! Are they not?

I agree with Walter Wallis that the U.S. Army, especially, when the Anglo-Saxons were the dominate culture, had very restrictive mores for the military.

Our Civil War had many breakdowns but as a rule, there were mores that kept much order and decency. But having to be inclusive bring about much tensions within, especially, in this gender situation. I fully understand why men (males) would feel an intrusion. This area must be considered.

Fighting wars is a bond among men that is an inborn, ancient tradition and the female injection weakens this bond in an intrusive way.

But having said that, my second trip to Soviet Union without
a group, gave some grave problems since Finnair misconnected and I was placed on Aerofloat. Apparently, advising people that were meeting me, was not the norm with the Soviets, at that time. Being well trained at an early age, in this area, the indifference was shocking.

Nevertheless, as I was being paged, the Civil Service employees were "hard stones" in keeping me from reaching a phone.

But these young Soviets in military unifrom were so touching
with their help and even looked like, so many, of our fine, young American Soldiers. This in it's self was another shock of likeness that brings me to this aspect that "People are people!"
Remember also, that be it Russia's soldiers or America's
soldiers, that both are being slaughtered and bodies shattered.
Remember that! Do remember that!

Ms. England? Again, a page from Pasternak's "Dr. Zhivago," when those hard Bolshevick females reacted, inhumanily, to the "haves." It is humanity at their lowest ebb!
Diplomacy must take presidence over the War Department in
all Nations and we must ask ourselves, if the manufacturing
death making machines, is that profitable? Even the Ms. England's deserve better.

Excuse the "unnewspaper" language but these are simply thoughts from the top of my head and painful ones.
Thank you.

Catine E. Perkins
Bastrop, Tx

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova