Andy D: Fight for water and oil

Dear Editor:
Everybody knows that Saudi Arabia has the world's largest oil reserves. But what most people don't know is that Saudi Arabia was also blessed with massive fresh water aquifers-an extremely vital resource. This fresh water was/is pumped under pressure into the oil fields to facilitate the extraction of the oil. Guess what? The aquifers are being used up faster than the oil fields are being depleted. How much longer will Saudi Arabia pump oil at current rates before it rapidly declines? Three years? Five years? Clearly we are at the edge of a disasterous economic cliff.
Bush and his gang of criminal thugs knew full well that attacking oil and water rich Iraq was, under international law completely, illegal. So why did Bush do it? Was it because Saddam switched to Euros for Iraqi oil? Was it for a greater Israel? Or was it to seize the oil and water resources of Iraq? Probably for all those reasons. No doubt Bush had the ears of the oil men who saw a future calamity.
If and when the American military pacify Iraq, they will have control of both the oil and water resources. I believe that they will immediately built a fresh water pipeline to Saudi Arabia to supply the fresh water needed for oil extraction. I'm sure Bush  will also give the green light for oil and water pipelines to Israel.
No doubt Americans are dangling lots concessionary carrots in front of President Putin to send 40,000 troops to pacify Fallujah and the surrounding areas. I urge President Putin not to be deceived by American overtures. The American elite have demonstrated their  treachery
over and over again.
The American government has $40 trillions plus unfunded liabilities. Federal, State, and Municipal governments are facing  deficits in the trillions. Corporations and the public are up to their eye balls in debt. America is  running huge foreign trade deficits in the trillions. Sooner or later this whole house of cards will collapse. They are in a no win situation.  Foreigners holding huge amounts of US paper assets will be burned big time as the Weimar Republic type hyperinflation bursts onto the world. What's easier than printing fiat dollars in unlimited quantities to pay your bills. Those that unload their dollar assets early will be the lucky ones.
Andy D.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova