Andy D: How to get rid of addiction to alcohol

Dear Editor:
I used to be a very heavy drinker of wine, beer and whiskey. Now I hardly touch the stuff. I can go many days without drinking any alcohol at all and I am certainly not addicted to the stuff. I may enjoy a beer on a hot day or drink wine with my dinner on occasion. I do not crave alcoholic beverages the way addicted people do. What made me change from a heavy drinker to someone who only drinks occasionally? The answer is flax oil, something I have been posting on your news site about. Flax oil has very profound, very powerful and very positive  effects on brain chemistry. I am not saying that that is the solution for all people, because some have a genetic predisposition to addiction. I am willing to bet that one tablespoon of flax oil a day will gradually alter the behaviour of Russian teenagers towards heavy drinking and maybe even stop them drinking altogether. Cravings/addictions are often associated with lack of a vital nutrient needed by the human body. A perfect example is a pregnant woman who will out of desperation eat earth to get the minerals she needs for the growing fetus. Russian teenagers need to be educated about the benefits of flax oil. Who knows, you may start a revolution by posting this.
Andy D. 

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova