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Two planes crashing against the Twin Towers is something unconceivable even for Hollywood

The U.S. Senate commission which investigates the 9/11 events had finally finished its works. It seems that U.S. Congress has nothing more significant to do, otherwise it would not have been conducting such a ridiculous investigation about whether or not the 9/11 attacks could be avoided.

Even though Osama Bin Laden had been sent out a letter to the White House bragging about the attacks nobody would take him seriously. Two planes crashing against the Twin Towers is something unconceivable even for Hollywood. Anyway, one no wonders it has happened at all since everything comes from politicians.

This sort of people has an enormous need to exhibit themselves and a politician that does not show up is dead. This sort of thing happens constantly, in Brazil. When the Brazilian Congressmen think they are too much time out of the media, they start, quickly, an investigation. Anyway, since the U.S. Congress did such an investigation, why does one not start about whether or not the Vietnam war could have been avoided or one about whether or not Kennedy should have invaded the Bay of Pigs?

After all, what can we expect from a bunch of politicians getting together? What can we expect from pigs but the grunts? If the U.S. Congress wanted to perform a serious investigation about the events on that terrible day, why do not investigate about the plane which was driven to the White House and was shot by missiles in Pennsylvania that, according to the official reports, fell down because the hostages decided to fight against the hijackers.  No wonder that people in the USA believed in such a story. After all, they believed that Kennedy had been murdered by a single man, didn't they?

Jose Schettini

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva