George Person: Pull the wall down - reflections of the heart RESPONSE

Most certainly, the Gentiles are co-heirs in the Kingdom of God...and corruption and infidelity will assuredly bring a good soul down...leaving no one exempt to commit sin...yet, 4700 years of Hebrew culture existed before the coming of Jesus...who  are currently enjoying themselves in high heaven Would you like to venture forth and protest your superiority over their entire spiritual bloodline?! Even though we as Christians have been introduced to the ultimate faith, which gives us in its purest, most powerful form(Jesus), the ability to go one on one with the's not my pleasure to gloat over that privilege, and it doesn't give me free license to put down the Hebrew culture when I disagree with their policies...For even King David for whom King Saul was attempting to murder, when the opportunity presented itself, refused to kill King Saul, God's anointed - for King David knew he would not be held blameless on Judgment Day.
We all have our walls to tear down, to diminish the boundaries between men and nations...let's not be selective against Israel...they've tried to negotiate peace but the world is becoming cowardly in its fight against terrorism...for now the terrorists of the world  know, if they hold but a single hostage, they can bring an entire nation to its knees begging for mercy to let their son go, as the terrorists hold the country by the balls,waiting for the faint of heart to eagerly fall...
When Jesus came to Earth He came for the Jews...showing their spiritual hierarchy passed on from Abraham...
So, in the end we'll have to see where the good fruit falls from the tree, how high faith rises, who will need good dental insurance in the after life, and who'll be ready to harvest the wheat...for the harvest is great and the workers are few...yet, so many have built walls around their hearts, I really wonder what our King will do?!
Let those who have torn all the walls of discord surrounding their hearts, be the first to cast their votes against Israel...otherwise, Israel has a right to defend themselves,
as they emerge onto the world's center stage, alone and despised, for the staunch spirit they convey, when defending themselves from a world which has tried  genocide to put them away...
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova