Russia to blunder into Iraqi trap

Dear Editor:
Russia will blunder into a trap if it joins with US led forces in Iraq. The war on Iraq was by all international standards illegal.  Powerful interest groups in the US need Russian troops in Iraq so American forces can  be freed up to attack Iran, the next  country in the axis of evil list. A desperate US wants complete iron fisted control of the Middle East. They need to destroy OPEC. They need cheap oil to keep the heavily energy dependent  US economy going. All the good will that Russia has built up in the Middle East will be lost; especially with Iran - a key business partner of Russia. Sacrificing Russian soldiers to help the Americans get out of the mess they are in is absolutely insane. The guerrilla war in Iraq will last years or until the Americans leave. It's a no winner for Russia. Time is on Russia's side. They will get what they need like membership in the WTO and Iraqi contracts sooner or later without US help.
The US is finacially broke needing to borrow from future generations to keep this war on Iraq going. Americans are maxed out on debt. Record numbers of people are declaring personal bankruptcies everyday. Close to 40 million people are now destitute, many going hungry. The power elite are in a panic mode. They have no answers for the immense economic problems facing the American people. They know that Greenspan's utterances are just smoke and mirrors. The whole US economic structure is built like a house of cards. One false move and the whole house comes crashing down. How much longer will the rest of the world allow the US to enjoy their huge trade deficeits?
Thank God that swelling public pressure in Russia will prevent Putin from sending Russian troops to Iraq. They have had enough of war with the Chechens.
Andy D.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova