Steven Lucas: To people who love to be free

I am a factory worker, an American vet, and someone who hates war.  Although we all know that war is the last resort to negocations, the U.S. and the UN including Russia tried to persuade the former President of Iraq to open his country for inspection, and he refused as he was killing inocent people that just happen to be born in "his" country.
60 years ago the world turned it's back on what was happening in Europe, we made a promise that it would never happen again.  You know maybe, just maybe that the USSR was right to invade Afganistan!  Yes that is right, and we were wrong.
We as a world now face the out come in that war.  Yes for us both, winners and loosers all together.  Terror is the enemy now, not nations.  We as a world need to come together and crush the musslim extremist that wish to kill everyone that does not agree with their religion.
WWIII will in time make WWII look like a minor fight in the the history of our earth, the very existence of any order and rule of law depends on the strong willed.  Lives will be lost agian I'm sorry to say, but in 50 years our grandchildren will look on the generation as they ones who saved our civilasation...
Steven Lucas
Princeon, IN  USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova