Clearing up after NATO

A reminder of the havoc left behind by the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization
NATO, when it is not prying into the affairs of sovereign nations and practising a policy of divide and rule, when it is not dropping cluster bombs on busloads of screaming civilians, when it is not aiding terrorists to wreak havoc, keeps a low profile, leaving to others the job of clearing up the mess it made.

NATO and its member states became involved in the Balkans, arming, training and financing the Croatian Armed Forces, using Tudjman and his clique of nationalists, forged during Tudjman's visits to the USA in 1987, in which he promoted the idea of a Croat reconciliation and the formation of a Greater Croatia.

The stage was set. Bosnia and Herzegovina were next, with the Moslem population duly armed and prepared by Al Qaeda, working in unison with the United States of Reagan and Bush Senior and the Albanian terrorists (KLA) equipped and instructed, their leaders shuttling back and forth to Washington to receive money and instructions.

Before this however, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was a prosperous country with a motivated, happy workforce which enjoyed a relatively high standard of living.

Along came NATO, its strings pulled by Washington, to create havoc and chaos in the region by means of its criminal intrusion, against which Serbia had to fight to protect its citizens, thousands of which were slaughtered by the Croats and Muslims and Kosovar terrorists. Yet Milosevic was the one dubbed the Butcher of the Balkans, a label easy to stick since he had been systematically isolated by the arms of the octopus whose head resides on Capitol Hill.

The result ten years after the conflict started is that there continue to be tens of thousands of Serbian refugees unable to return to the homes they were born in. The United Nations strives to help these people with its housing and social integration programme.

Social integration? This would never have been necessary had NATO not interfered and provided the steam for the pressure cooker to explode, after sealing the lid and buying the ingredients.

Kosovar Albanians and Serbs lived together like brothers, side by side, for centuries, before the west decided to stick its imperialist nose into an area which did not belong to it and which it wholly failed to understand.

This act of criminal intrusion destroyed the social fabric of large areas of the Balkans, sowing hatred where none existed and reaping the benefits of the ensuing chaos.

Washington could then rule Europe by creating flashpoints and seeing how the Old Continent splits itself up into pressure groups, easy to manage when they are so divided. The Balkans was the beginning, Iraq was the continuation. Where next?

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova