Dawn Hightree: Conflict between Georgia and Russia

Dear Mr. Saakahvilli;
My name is Dawn Hightree.  I am an American citizen and a person who wanted the war in Iraq to never start for fear of World War III and that it was wrong. 
Recently it has come to public knowledge that you are having disagreements in your country, Georgia, regarding Russia.  I don't know exactly what is going on, the news did not say much.  But I want to tell you what I do know.
There are wars all over this world right now.  The stress levels are very high.  There is destruction everywhere across the globe.
Recently, the American President has said that he will use nuclear weapons and other very bad things.  He hasn't in my eyes really grown in these experiences of war.  He seems more and more determined to be involved in wars but it doesn't really sound like he is coming from the right perspective.
Many people in our country have tried to communicate with our government about the dangers of nuclear warfare.  It has done nothing but made us look like a nuisance or so it seems.  The thing is that nuclear warfare hurts the environment.  This means things can't grow, people are poisoned, die young etc.  Biological warfare also is very very bad.  Because as scientist have shown diseases can evolve into other things.  They can get worst and on and on.  There is too much bad going on is the bottom line.
I guess I am just concerned that there will be more war started and if so I caution you on the use of nuclear weapons.  I caution you on utilizing America for war when they have hurt innocent people worldwide when they get involved.  They may have a lot of power and weapons, but do you want to be someone who doesn't fight fair and hurt innocent people?  I don't know how leaders can do it.  People elect people into office so they can take care of them not the latter.
I don't know what is going on.  I don't have the facts.  But I worry about our country being involved in any more wars when they currently are hurting innocent people globally.  If our country is doing wrong over there, know that not all Americans agree with war or the killing of innocent lives.  Try as best as you can to resolve this conflict without war there is enough bad going on already.
If Russia has hurt you in some way besides people saying they don't like you, then know that people care that don't believe in wars.  You can talk to spiritual leaders in the region to help facilitate peace.  Calling on people who believe in wars only can spell the possibility of war.  That's what they know how to do. 
I don't know the leader of Russia or what his principles are.  I know that he is someone who was raised orthodox.  If the leader is responsible for any wrong doing than I am sure that there may be a way to peacefully work it out.  These are hard times and the answers to all conflict does not have to be more war.
You know right now, I am an American citizen.  My leader believes in war and the dangerous kinds as well.  I don't.  I disagree and I have been very forthright in the way I am without being abusive about it in any way.   People can disagree and still live in the same country but it is not right to be pushed around or lose your rights because you believe in peace.
Thanks for your time.
Dawn Hightree

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova