Dawn Hightree: We Americans are suffering

Dear United States Government;
This is the only email address that I feel like writing to right now about my citizens concerns and that is all it is.  I almost feel like when I write to the government that somehow I am intiminating when all I am doing is offer my view on things.  You may not agree, and I may see things in a light that you don't understand.  Hello, it is what it is.  That is all.
So I am just writing because I am an American Citizen that is greatly concerned with the state of the World.
I.  I do not agree with any type of nuclear or chemical weapon warfare or sale.  Keep in mind that I am just a little American.  Just because I disagree does not mean I am wrong.
II.  Secondly,  I absolutely do not agree with the killing of innocent people for any reason,  If you lose a war you lose a war.  Don't destroy innocent people because you are not man enough to admit that you lost.
III.  Thirdly, get over yourselves.  Listen we are not all that is that.  WE as Americans are suffering.  You are spending way too much money in the wrong places as you have been told over and over agains by very intelligent people, me being one of them although you have to question my endless mistakes.  hee hee.
IV.  What are you going to do?  Give this country away or do the right thing, choose peace over war my fellow Americans.  Don't cause a big ol stink about this and that.  Grow up.  You lost you are not better than ever country.  You have many things wrong with yes America.  Well thank fully we all can get along.
Well I guess that is all from a citizen of the United States spending more time loving the world than picking people to kill.  Spending more time praying for the whole world to be happy rather than just myself.  Yes the government of the United states.  I love all people all religions that are praying to be good to people, and I fully believe in the freedom of one's being, not being controlled, lied to, manipulated, destroyed to the very organism of the earth because someone that has more money than me believes in an energy burning that hurts the earth.  We all can utilize the resources and take care of each other in peace.  forget about the eco thing hello they are just saving the earth.  hey it's a good cause you should try and do that save the earth.  Stop believing in liquid waste and listen to the wise and they may not always be your mother.  We the people of this world, of the United States of America want to be free from all governments hurting each other instead of joining together to learn from our mistakes and help each other be fed. No starving north korea but gently if it is true ask that they please release the prisoners and please care about all your people.  Why should we hurt others because they hurt us?  Can you not see we are guilty of hurting ourselves?  I am deeply sorry Mr. President in with due respect to all, it was wrong to kill innocent lives and that is what we did when we dropped that bomb.  It was wrong.  The sooner you realize this and help this world realize that nuclear killing hurts the innocent than the sooner you can ever swear to a stack of bibles that war should even be legal.
Dawn Hightree

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova