Shayhka Maulani Aeisha Muhammad: Bush should follow Saddam into the dock RESPONSE

Dear Mr. Hinchey:
I thank you for putting the truth out plainly before all that Bush is indeed a grand and heinous criminal.  A mass murderer with no conscience whatsoever.  His agenda is to destroy humanity by imposing military might over all humanity and the American people seem to be either terminally retarded or just as evil as he is.
I would like to make you aware of the fact that President Hussein is being accused of things which he either did not do or was totally justified in doing.  His greatest crime was that he sold Iraqi oil in Euros and refused to bow to Israel.  He refused to be manipulated by the Zio-Nazi machine in Washington and Tel Aviv.  For that he is being humiliated and tried in a sham of a trial by his enemies (the CIA and Israel) without any access to his legal defense team.  America fears what Saddam has to say in any trial because he would reveal the truths that would cast humiliation and criminal conduct upon American administrations from Reagan to Bush, Jr.  Therefore rather than risk the truth being known and the whole world knowing that Saddam Hussein is indeed an innocent man they are going to run a sham trial which will convict and murder an innocent man.
I would further like to advise you that many of the problems that are going on in Iraq are (a) the direct result of Israel's indirect meddling in Iraqi affairs and (b) the work of the Iranian government using proxies via political parties in Iraq to create friction.  At times Iran and Israel have worked together to bring about instability to Iraq.  The combination of America, Israel and England on the one hand and Israel and Iran on the other to create constant unrest in Iraq allows them the freedom to better control Iraq and its vast resources at the same time that they prohibit unity amongst Arabs and Muslims.  It is an old game that they are playing and it is wearing thin.  The resistance in Iraq is fully aware of this game and that awareness in and of itself is serving to lure more Iraqi warriors into the resistance.  The jig is up as they say. That is the reason why you see thousands of Iraqis ready to redeem Saddam and return him to power while the Shiia and the Kurds are on/off again with resistance and calling for his execution.  Do not be fooled.  The voices behind the Shiia and the Kurds are the Americans and Jews that I have termed Zio-Nazis. 
The resistance forces of Iraq will not be divided by this situation that America and Israel (in combination with Iran and pro-Iranian political parties in Iraq) have devised to create mayhem in the country.  The Shiia and Kurds are the hirelings of America and when they call for Saddam's death they are doing it to please America and Israel.  This is also the reason why Iran has now called for charges to be brought against President Hussein for the Iran/Iraq war.  The Shiia act as if the war was a picnic where the opposing armies were throwing flowers at other.  A war in its full definition is a clash between two nations to the death.  Each side maims and kills the soldiers of the other side.  If you look at the ground in Iran you will find many mass graves filled with the bodies of Iraqi soldiers.  Each side lost a million lives so what claim does Iran have over Saddam ?  The Iraqis could just as easily file charges against the Iranian leadership on the same grounds.  The gassing of the Kurds was carried out by the Iranians but America and Israel choose to pin the crime on Saddam unjustly inspite of the evidence that clearly demonstrates that Iraq did not possess that gas.  Everybody knows that but as I mentioned Iran is apparently working with America and Israel to destroy Arabs and Muslims. 
It would be better for Iran to stop meddling in the affairs of Iraq completely because if they don't an entire other Iraq/Iran war may erupt, except that this time Iraq would be supported by Arabs and Muslims from everywhere.  The result of such a war would no doubt not only affect Iran but Israel and other bordering nations quite heavily.  The entire Middle East would literally go up in flames thereby disrupting oil supplies worldwide.  If that should happen then the root of such a conflict can and should be attributed to Mr. Bush and his Zio-Nazi war machine.   Saddam Hussein was NOT a threat to the west but he did refuse to bow to the jewish swine in Israel and for that the Zio-Nazis want to murder him. Nevertheless we shall see about whether they will be able to do such a thing without cutting their own throats (or those of other leaders in the region) in the process.
As a Muslim I can guarantee the Iranians that there is a steep price to be paid for such behavior and that they are hereby given warning to stop apostating themselves by serving the interests of the enemies of Islam.  They know fully well what is store for them down the road if they don't stop the nonsense now.  By Islamic law any Muslim nation who assists non-Muslim invaders against Muslims is charged with the crime of apostasy and the penalty for that crime is death. 
As far as the West goes if I were America, Israel and England I would release President Hussein and stop the undermining of the Arab/Muslim world.  Nothing good has or can come of such a thing.  The blood of Americans, Jews and anyone who assists them will be enough to fill oceans.  If the American people and the International community do not come to this realization soon they will have nobody to blame but themselves for the unraveling of the Middle East. The Arabs and Muslims do not really want to harm anyone but we do want to stop the abuse that we have been subjected to for decades.  In order to avenge the honor and dignity of our religion and nation we are willing to kill and be killed until that objective has been achieved.  I assure you that it will not be a nice situation for anyone but so be it.
I thank you for writing the truth and hope that you will continue to do so.
Very truly yours,

Shayhka Maulani Aeisha Muhammad

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova