George Person: Fourth of July greetings

Even though we are of different political worlds, the Fourth of July is really a special day for all men. It's a day when a bunch of rowdy colonian English lads said, "No," to the King of England, and forged a brand new nation under General George Washington...General Washingon said his soldiers were a very mean lot of men, and it took a man of extreme character to lead these men...these guys were rowdy, and believed in freedom...many of these men died in battle to bring about a new nation...and never enjoyed the fruit of their labor...let all men of Earth be grateful to these men who died to bring freedom to us all, and show the world that the only truly happy person is a free person, one who can speak his mind and pursure his dreams on his terms, not becoming a meaningless soul serving the vanity of an all consuming dictator, who rules over our lives, as we serve our earthly master...
Perhaps on this day, the Fourth of July...the Russians should remember John Paul Jones...the famous American Naval commander of the Revolutionary War...for this guy really understood how to lay down a savage broadside of cannon fire, while his ship was on fire, as men were dying all around him....when defeat was all too certain, and victory a slim fleeting hope, he showed the spirit on how to win, as this common man rose to his highest mortal a man of courage and conviction in the face of death.....this man provided his services to his spirit is yours as well as ours...when it comes to navigating the high seas of life...searching for the winning formula in achieving success...for mother Russia has witnessed and worked with America's very best...
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova