Gerry: I find anonymous message very insulting to Russian people

I am a French Canadian and I find anonymous message ("Americans and Canadians are laughing at you") very insulting for Russian people because this guy shows disrespect and arrogance  (must be a real U.S born person, and there are a lot of people with similar outlook from the very top (Washington).

I have a lots of respect for the people of Russia and for Vlademir Putin, your President.
And anonimous was very insulting to the people of Canada as well. This US born  person does not have the right to speak for the people of Canada nor for the people of America. This kind of men believe that they own America, and it is completely stupid on their part specially that their country is not way better than the third world. They are under-educated  arrogant, not too smart , and 98% of them are full of dept . Plus their goverment has made the entire US territory a police state . 1 of every 75 persons are in jail ....


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova