David Hale: Iraq was real agressor

Hello Pravda,
I am afraid I must apologize for the unsigned letter apologizing for the actions of the American government. It would seem that the writer failed to recognize that the real aggressor was Iraq. The UN recognized that with countless demands and resolutions for Saddam to reveal the location of his WMD. President Clinton the supposed "peacemaker" recognized that when he sent bombs into Baghdad in 1998 against UN judgement. American pilots realized that when they were dodging SAM's during the 90's while protecting no fly zones to prevent the mass murder of Muslims in the south and North of Iraq. 100,000 Kurds murdered by Saddam's gas realized all too late. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Israel all realized it. The Israeli's realized it when Saddam gave the families of Suicide Bombers $10,000 for killing innocent children on busses. The greatest evidence that the world is realizing it all to late are the mass graves containing the bodies of perhaps 100's of thousands of men, women and children murdered in Iraq.
The extension of the war during the 90's has reached its logical conclusion when Bush sent forces to invade and the people of Russia will see that America is true to her word. America will leave Iraq. America will keep her word. The world will be much more peaceful when this job is finished. Sometimes peace must be enforced before it can be enjoyed. SO I apologize for the American reader whose shallow analysis of American policy left Russian readers with any doubt about the resolve of the American people to support President Bush in his quest for a final peaceful solution to Saddam Hussein murderous 30 year rampage.
David Hale
Rockford, IL

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova