Mike Jarvis: Saudis must be figting against US troops in Iraq

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on an obvious, interesting but overlooked scenario.

Firstly, lets take the 'Foreign Fighter'.  The USA claims that people are coming in from Syria, Jordan etc... to fight the occupation troops. Lets say this is true for a moment.

Second, I recently noticed just how massive the border is between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.  So if you put 2 and 2 together...

Saudi Arabia is supposedly the place where the sept 11 hijackers come from, Saudi is full of fighters that hate the USA presence in their country, Saudi is the home of Bin Laden, etc... etc... etc...

Now I know that most do not believe Bin Laden and his network actually had anything to do with sept 11, most believe it's a set up, just like the Berg video.  But how can the USA claim on the one hand that bin laden did this & that, all terrorists came from Saudi and on the other hand state that Iraq is full of foreign fighters from Syria and Jordan.

Surely if any idiot is to believe any of these claims from the USA it should be fairly obvious that the most likely place for the foreign fighters to come from is Saudi Arabia as it is the original home of anti-Americanism, the home of bin Laden and they have all the money needed to carry out such acts.

They have claimed that al Qaida are operating in Iraq, but these al Qaida come from Syria & Jordan according to the USA, must be a different lot then, I suppose!

Mike Jarvis

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova