Carlton: If Europe had acted appropriately, the USA would not have fought anyone

I see that you strongly disagree with the US's position and actions in Iraq.  You may have been happier with the Clinton administration's policies perhaps.  I believe the US is in Iraq because 4 of our jetliners were plunged into eternity and thousands died on 9/11.  The US leadership thought it was necessary to remove the tyrant who directed some to force individuals to jump off buildings to torture them.

I have been in Europe several times.  Most there would not like George Bush simply because he is a conservative.  In Paris, a banker said that before the election of Clinton that prices for US travelers would be better if Clinton were elected, and that most French were hoping Clinton would get in.  Simply, it is no surprise that you, a European, are Anti-Bush.  Few, Few, Republicans are in Europe. But Europe does have conservatives. 

Hey, how about Tony Blair!!! He is from the Left party and supports Our President!!

Yes, you are joined by many from all foreign countries who are invading this country every day in a planned, allowed, attempt to force us to a strongly democrat country.  This influx of foreign immigration blasted to extremes starting with the Clinton Adm.  Before 1992, for example, Mexicans were not so plentiful here in North Carolina (USA).  Now they are flooding across our borders and so many are moving here that it is staggering. One trip to our Wal Mart  and you will see sometimes several couples from Mexico shopping. This was non-existent nearly before Clinton.  So your dream to get rid of Bush is getting a shot in the arm due to our immigration policies. 

But what draws them to the US?  What draws folks from nearly all coutries to the US?  Freedom?  I think so.

But how do we protect our freedom?  By letting Saddam Hussein blast Israel away, as he would have done or wished to do?   Oh, our way of life seems to be linked to Israel!  I think it is. 

The US is predominantly a Christian Nation ( or it has been historically one) At least in the past it has been a Christain nation.  It is this force for good that makes the US what it is.  It makes us greater.  Christians are supposed to love. 

Should we have gone to Afghanistan?  In your view perhaps not. Or I should say NO!! we should not have, in your view.  We should keep to ourselves! You might add.  Stay home!!  Don't go there!! 

Then Bin Laden would have steadly built his scheme and the Terror network would have strenghened by the hour. They blew up our Navy ship in Yemen. Eventually the US had to act.  Oh, I suppose you would have kept us out of the Gulf war??  Let Saddam take Kuwait? 

You know. If Europe would act appropriately, we would not have to go outside of our borders to fight anyone.  YOU all should do that because these tyrants like Saddam are near you.  Oh, he was not causing you any problems!  Indeed, the UN was making money off of Saddam! Why spoil a good thing for the UN or France or Germany, that according to our Fox News, were in Bed with Saddam. 

In short, the US presently (because we have a God fearing and loving presient) is going into these countries to stop the Evil there and stop the torture.  We are freeing the Iraq people from a mass murderer.  They were elated the day the statues came down.  We saw that worldwide.  Maybe your liberal news media covered that up.  Did you see the crowds celebrating the fall of the statues of Saddam? 

But it is a difficult thing being there and being hated also by so many of the Islamic faith there.  Those strongly Islamic do not want us there.  They may have liked Saddam indeed.  I agree, we may be there due to the oil reserves too. 

The oil reserves are important to many nations.  Can such oil reserves be trusted to a lunatic like Saddam.  How much of your information, Sir, comes from news outlets like the BBC, who deliberately showed the face of George Bush in Green on a picture I saw on C-span BBC news. They did not make that mistake. It was deliberate.  So your news is slanted fully against Bush.  You are of course of like mind.  Hate George Bush.  Then I'll bet you agree with most liberal things.  Freedom to abort babies.  Gay rights.  etc etc.  Hey, the US is rare in the world that we have capital punishment for the most severe crimes. What do countries like Spain do when a man viciously slices apart a young girl?  They (you maybe) feed him for life.  One of our Chief Justices said of Capital punishment:  He said that the reason the Europeans are against CP and US conservatives are for it is simple.  The ones against CP think that this life is all there is to life, and there is no afterlife or eternity..  A conservative who supports capital punishment may believe oppositely. he may belive that due to the fact that there is an afterlife, that the elimination of that life is not so bad, for there is  a hereafter. 

As for your comments concerning cluster bombs on civilians: I firmly belleve our forces are not trying to kill any civilians.  If they do kill, it is because they are being fired upon. And that may mean from a car with women in it.   Have you been to Baghdad to see for yourself or are you watching or reading the Arab accounts?  These or any Left; leaning person would be twisted to make anything from our president look bad.  Most of the rest  of the world despises him because he is a Christian. 

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova