The US is a mediocre country with strong propaganda

I am born French ,and German on my Mother side.
I did live 3 years on the capitalist paradise call the USA  !!!, and I have to say,  the only thing giving credence to the world about this country,  is the enormous propaganda generated by the American jewish press, otherwise, the US  is only a mediocre country, populated by Barbarians of all kinds. The political system is a plutocratie disguised as a democratie.

The majority of Americans are under-educated, comparing with the rest of the developed nations , which make them very gullible to the establisment propaganda.

Corruption is at all levels, including the Justice Department.  The country wealthy are only 2% of the population, and the remaining 98% are on credit,  up to their neck !!.

I like the words of the Minister of the Industries under President Giscard D'estaing who one time visited Washington (The US is a dying country , but its convulsions of death will be painfull for the rest of the world).  I do believe in this statement, and I believe also that the US will not hesitate to start WW3 in order to boost their faltering industry, when they  realise their time as  a superpower expires.   It is a dangerous country, because of dominating criminal outlook, and people are used to cheaingt, deceiving, stealing, lying, etc, etc .
Speaking about the decadence of this nation resembles Biblic Sodome and Gomorra.

I am back home  , in civilisation ,  in Europe.
Thanks God

Claude Joseph Castay

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova