Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Does PRAVDA change after the fall of the Iron Curtain?

I think not. Your news still sounds like propaganda to me. I am an American and damned proud to be one. I don't care that the sissy French, the euro-trash Germans, and the criminal Russian government did not support our war against terror in Iraq. I know why these governments acted in this way. It's because they were getting huge amounts of money from Saddam through the so called "oil for food" program. Oil for cash would be more accurate. Please my Russian friends, don't fall prey to the French passion for running away from everything that threatens. If it weren't for your brave soldiers and the American forces during World War II, they would all be speaking German now. They have never known what it is like to stand and fight for what is correct. But you, my Russian friends, you do know what it's like. You have Islamo-fascists within your borders and you are not safe, just like us. Instead of making it difficult for America to fight these animals, you should be helping us. You are more like us than you are different. We all want peace and freedom, but these things are not free. It's time for you to stand along side us. The French NEVER will. They lack the moral backbone to do do the Germans, I'm afraid.
Cam Henry

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